10th Endorsed Mapping Contest
Fort or Bunker

Begins now (August 26th) and will run to the first weekend of November. So November 6th (that first Friday) will be the cut off. As always, this will be for what is the very last timezone to change from the 6th to the 7th.

Halo, Snoosnoo, Grenadier, and Jahoo

Textures, lights, detail, sound

Each category will get a 1 out of 10 score, they will be added together to create a total score. So best possible is 30. Each judges score will be averaged to give the map a proper score. So each judge will submit their score (best of 30) for the map, and will be divided by 4). This score will be added to a community vote. One vote equals one point. All judges scores will be held until the community vote is over. The community vote and the judges score will be added together to give a total score.

* Map can be previously released but must be updated for this contest. (If proof of an update is asked by the judges, it must be provided)
* Must be your map you are updating and must not have been used in a previous contest
* No limits on how many maps you can submit (nor limits on how many people can work on a single map)
* No stealing
* No judge was involved in the process of making the map
* Anyone can enter, no requirements are set based off mapping experience

A 50 USD amazon gift card will be offered to the winning map. In the case a team/coop map wins, its up to the users to decide between them on how to split the prize. In the event an amazon gift card isn't the winners ideal gift, let me know. I might be able to work with you and get you something of equal value.

There will be an additional 25 USD gift card to the best new comer. However, as opposed to previous years, to classify as a new comer, this must be your first contest you have entered! If there is more than one person working on the map, everyone involved must also only have entered or plan to enter this contest.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Be nice, and happy mapping! Good luck out there!
AC needed this. Hell yeah! Time to make some maps.
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I want to point out that I am making a slight rule change. While any map old or new can be released, it must be your map (no updating someone else's) and must not have been released for a previous contest.
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Damn wish I had a computer for this
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I updated my original post. The judging table has decided to add back the newcomer prize but slightly different than previous contest. The discord discussion on the contest led me to believe that a fair share of new people would be entering this contest and we wanted to reward them accordingly.

Also, if you would like to join the discord channel for the mapping contest, PM me directly on here
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Hey Felix-The-Ghost any chance you still have that mapping client tucked in somewhere?
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