A Nostalgic Feeling...
Assault Cube... Jesus christ!

If anyone still reads this forum from back in the good ol' days... I had a reflective moment today, thinking about my childhood in the wake of these strange times. My mind took me back here! Clearly the game is not what it once was, however if it is at all possible I thought it would be cool to get some form of 3v3 match or a clusterfuck of a bigger match happening! I feel like a wrestler coming out of retirement for 'one more match' before I hang my boots up for good!

Ideally, it would be cool to play with a few faces that I recognise, so if anyone is keen or knows how to get hold of some of the older players... let me know!



p.s. shout out to rC, TyD, LC, w00p, A&D, KH, oNe, aCKa AND EVERY OTHER OLD CLAN I FORGOT ABOUT
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Hey dude welcome back ;)
I'm back too, playing sometimes and mapping new project :D
see you in game
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Today, after quite a few years, I decided to take a peek at the forums to see how things are going. Looks like the nostalgia bomb didn't hit only me. I'm glad to see there are people still interested in the game and keeping it somewhat alive.

Very likely won't be happening, but I like to imagine a miracle will take place one day, and a big shot will inject money into the game and bring it back.

I miss the old days... So many good memories I have from this game.

Best regards, my friends, I still remember you.
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I am cross-posting this old message that I put on the B} forums several years ago. 


It is Friday evening and AC is pretty quiet, but I remember when AC was a hotbed of activity on Friday nights. Inters, clan matches pubs busy with CTF, a ton of TOSOK and a handful of gemas. IRC active with chatters, #ACinter busy spamming the channels with players wanting a match. Sigh.

Not so much now. Well not at all now. I see the slow death that AC is experiencing and it pains me. Mainly because and this may be sad to admit, but AC and the community really meant a lot to me in the three years I have been involved. Yes I am the one that raged... a lot, even quit twice or thrice, but I loved this game and especially some the people I met along the way. Many such people are gone from the game, not even in IRC and I do miss them. It was fun, a lot of fun and I want those who made it fun know that it was important to me and likely others.

As I ramble along with names of players and clans, bear in mind that I joined early in the 1.0.4 era of AC. So you will not hear mention of the Hi-Skill ladder or anything else of antiquity. Feel free to start your own thread to discuss that. [Image: tongue.gif]

I remember how it started, I downloaded the game for my kids to play LAN matches. They were young and lost interest quickly. I started playing and was quickly smitten. I reveled in running through these maps with a trusty shotty in hand splattering away. I went through various names trying to find my identity in the game. None of the typical "killer" type names, more self-deprecating like LaimBot or Noobicus. XD

As I played more I studied the help guides trying to learn the best way to move, cook nades and at least survive the game better. I was frustrated when a good pub would disintegrate because a inter would steal players away. What the hell was an inter anyway? I guess I may have to look into getting into a clan at some point, but I am not that that serious about the game and I am not that good either.

Speaking of clans, man were there a bunch of active clans with good players. These come to mind, but this is not an complete list. DES|, TyD, {BoB}, #M|A#, XU, WooP, =SA=, FD, Scr3ew, TBR, FEL, HyPE, A&D, ED, [aCKa], |BME|,iOD, ~KAS~, 610|, B}, FOX, eQ., KAL|, TaS_ , and ~TgS~.
What a list! More clans than there are active players now, but these and a few I missed were are all active when I started AC. WOW.

So, back to my wont for a clan. I wanted a clan that had friendly players and were tolerant of noob-ish players. DES really caught my eye, but they seemed way too good and out of my league. A quick shout to DES|Opensource who was one of the first nice players that I met in the pubs. Super nice and tolerant of my noobishness. Thanks OS. Anyway, not much later during a late night session, I met the most positive person I have ever seen in a pub on AC. Supportive, encouraging, and darn good too. That player was B}Verse. After running in to him a few times I decided to research B}. Alas it was a two player clan, so I feared that it would not last long. (LOL, I know 4 years now. Go figure) Well, I came across B}Verse and B}Ronald_Reagan playing TOSOK one day and again positive and fun commentary. I was sold. I found my way onto IRC, chatted with RR and Verse a few times and decided to apply. A month later, maybe less, I dunno. I was accepted and was in my first clan. I wore my B} tag with honor as I discovered the joys of ladder whoring on the TyD ladder. I amassed large amounts of points and time on the ladder nearly taking first one month. Joy!

Wow, this is getting long already. Don't worry, I am not going to write about my whole history in AC, mostly just the first year. Not much later Zarj returned to B} and introduced me to the joy of clan matches whilst using skype. Man I was hooked. Unfortunately B} was not very active in matches so I was playing a lot of inters. My wife (yes I am an older dude) was away at graduate school every other weekend, so I would play into the wee hours with all the young punks of AC enjoying inters and pubs. There was a crowd that I seemed to play with most often and I want to say thanks for being there and being so fun. I really looked forward to those frag fests. =SA=Waffles, =SA=Mr.Optic, eQ|Maimeetur, eQ|Sgtd, all the HyPE guys, the occasional B} member, Haste, Nighthawkd, etc.

When titi joined B} I found a mate that could carry me through some clan matches and get us a few wins. A fantastic player and in the B} mold a great person. Thanks for those games mate.

After a year I left B} and tried a couple of different clans. What I found was more great people, all folks that I would like to share a beer with someday if my travels ever took me far enough. Since it will likely not happen and many I have already lost touch with, I make this list and raise a glass in honor to all of you that I call friends. (This is in no particular order and forgive me if I miss a name or two.)

FD*fundog - former leader of a great clan. Thanks for all that you taught in my short term in FD*
FD*Sheriff - You were a great player and always friendly in game. I was happy when I would find you in a pub and when we were eventual clanmates.
FD*EndGame - Class act, funny and you got game now. Cheers!
FD*elcrack - Don't know where you went but hope all is well with you.
eQ|maimeetur - Such a cool calm dude. Great presence when you were in AC. You are missed. GLHFBBQ gucci.
Pi_Halo - You have a good heart and have done a lot for the game. Thanks for having me in your clan.
Pi_Z3R0 - Great teammate, fun kid. Liked talking dubstep with you.
Pi_Blueberry - Came on to the scene and owned the pubs. Super nice guy. Where did you go?
B} All of you. Great group, cheers!
B}Charlymurphie - Inspired me to embrace the carbine. Honest and REAL dude. Loved chatting with you.
{BoB}gRamps - Great guy and huge contributor to AC.

As you know I returned to B} where I plan to ride out the rest of AC's existence. I felt the need to finish where I started and am proud to still wear the tag. Thank you all for reading. I hope this helps you recall your fondest memories with AC.
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Cheers for the shoutout Noobicus, hope you and you and your family are well
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Shield get your ass on discord <3
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What even is the AC discord nowadays, links be broken everywhere
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(07 Apr 20, 03:04AM)Noobicus Wrote: .....

I made it into Noobicus AC obituary? I'm honored! Yes dude, miss you too. The game was amazing, so many wonderful memories playing late nights, the IRC beep still rings in my memory, and talking about all kinds of crazy shit with the gang. I miss it dearly, and I'm still around (not on AC though). I actually added you on Discord if you ever want to chat Noobi.

Some games seems to be having a resurgence right now since so many people are sheltering in place. It might be optimistic to hope the same for AC, but who knows. Hope you're all staying safe!
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Ditto bro! Hope you're well!
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Well there is a development version...
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We can still have fun. it's happening now: https://brackethq.com/b/kfee/
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