Server not listed
Can somebody explain why my server is not listed?
I can connect to it manually:

I can ping
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#2 - server has twintowers maps in maprot, so it's banned. It will be unbanned when you will remove these bad quality maps from maprot.
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Wow that really sucks. Who determines what quality maps are. Define quality. I see lots of people play those maps. They obvious like it. I only put maps in there that other people like. Or maps that I created myself.
I think it is not fair to say that every map named twintowers is a bad quality map.
You really make it impossible to run a server that other people like. Those maps are created by people, they put time and effort in it. Isn't that the whole idea of creating custom maps? That other people can actually play them? Again who decide what is good quality? Is there a commission that has to approve maps before we can put them in a map rotation? I believe there are bad quality maps in the AC maps itself. For example ac_douze. I think that is a bad quality map. So again who decides?
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Whatever you seek, they do not have it.
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I just want to run a server, with a custom map rotation. They really know how to destroy the fun....
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Whatever you seek ( fun ), they do not have it...
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I removed the maps from the map rotation. Is it OK now?
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The king learned nothing.
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Like u
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