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[Match Thread: Round 2] Brazil vs Belgium/Netherlands
Official Match Thread
Brazil vs Belgium/Netherlands

Map Pool: arabian, iceroad, mines, depot, gothic
The teams should take it in turns to blacklist a map from the pool until only one remains. That map is then played on both sides.

Time and Date: 14 July, 21:30 GMT
Both teams should contact each other and arrange a time to play. If the match is unplayed at the end of the deadline, the team that made the best effort will advance at the directors’ discretion.

Twitch Stream: N/A
On Air Talent: N/A

Referee: zero
Once you have a time set and way of contacting each other, post it in this thread so a referee can be provided.

Results: BeNe 1-0 BRA
[Image: l75R287.jpg]
[Image: h30UcX3.jpg]
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Hit us up with mappool kty
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Map pool is ????
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Map pool added.
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I swear you guys do these mappools on purpose :')

Some of my mates are away for the weekend but i will get back to brazil for a time when they have returned
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I don't understand how you guys do this draw maps!

Which date would be better so we can play our match?
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Maps are chosen at random from an algorithm
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Dont forget to put tiebraker map
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Tiebreaker maps are decided by the referee if they are needed (rare). The possible tiebreaker maps are shine, sunset, power and iceroad.
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Brazil what about this friday july 15, around 15:00 (3pm) GMT+2?
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(11 Jul 16, 10:36PM)É Marti Wrote: Brazil what about this friday july 15, around 15:00 (3pm) GMT+2?

On Friday we will be able to play from the 18:00 á 21:00 GMT-3

Weekend are available;
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Fridayevening isnt possible here, what about thursday?
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(12 Jul 16, 10:00AM)-Subjective Wrote: Fridayevening isnt possible here, what about thursday?

Thursday we can play this time GMT-3 18:30h á 21:00 ,
Would be good for u ?
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Can you do a little earlier? As that is midnight for us
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Midnight is fine for me / Grazy but idk about Marti :)
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We work until the 18 hours , the sooner it would be 18:30 GMT-3

Just this weekend we can as soon as we are available, would be very bad for u ?
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kk this thursday 14-07-2016 18:30 GMT-3 aka 23:30 GMT+2 hereby confirmed
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Brazil 18:30 pm GMT-3 Confirmed Thursday !
Thanks Marti
Thanks given by: Marti
where is ref/streamer/caster at

we are waiting
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game 1:

BeNe 1 - 0 BRA

[Image: l75R287.jpg]
game 2:

BeNe 1 - 1 BRA
[Image: h30UcX3.jpg]

2-1 overall BeNe wins

ggs BRA, gl in rest of the tourney

edit: sadly there was no streamer available (cant stream while playing sorry) so there is no VOD available. If you want to watch the game I suggest watching the demos :)
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GGs to both teams. Sorry no one was available to stream this game. BeNe will advance to the Semi-Finals (round 3) against either France or USA. Brazil will go down to the losers bracket round 2 against UK. This next round (winners' semi finals, losers' round 2) must be completed by 25 July. All dates are listed on the bracket.
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