[SERVER] Only 6 players?
Hi there,

I just got my own server installed and everything works fine. Except 1 thing: there can only be 6 players in a map at a time. In what file can I change that? I cant' use commands when starting up the server because it's not my own server. So it has to be done in a specific file. Can anyone help me? :)

Really thanks for your help!

Edit: I tried to edit the servercmdline.txt file, but it doesn't work. I put -c 12 there, also c 12, -c12, and more...

nvm i fixed it somehow.... by editing server.sh but don't know how lol
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-c12 was what fixed it.

-c is the server's commandline 'switch' for setting the client number.

The following page documents this:
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