i love you all :)
after lot of flamming here in this forum......i wanna put a positiv touch :)

i want to thanks you all:

-noob (like me and my clanmates :) )
-ennemys (the one i prefere :) lot of fun with them :) )
-nice guys

for being a part of this game and bring me lot of fun :) (i hope i bring you some too)

long life to AC :)

thanks you all :)
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Are you leaving?
Or just thanking us?
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* Bukz moves thread to offtopic

* Bukz loves pakit back <333
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I ♥ you too
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In a similar way, General Robert E. Lee once spoke to the president
of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, in the most glowing terms about
a certain officer under his command. Another officer in attendance
was astonished. "General," he said, " do you not know that the man
of whom you speak so highly is one of your bitterest enemies who
misses no opportunity to malign you?" "Yes," replied General Lee,
"but the president asked my opinion of him; he did not ask for his
opinion of me."


why do you care about these haters? everyone can say me fuck you or you are idiot but I won't care or I just say yes I am! I haven't problem and if he has! its his problem!

If you are sick of community, don't read forum!
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(02 Sep 10, 03:52PM)SpiRiT Wrote: Are you leaving?
Or just thanking us?

I think (s)he's in love, because (s)he's posting that kind of " deep " topics in every forum section.
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Hey pakit its not necessary to leave the Game because no one want listen to you or your problems in AC forum,

you can talk with us in irc and every one can help you.

I suggest you to talk with the good guys in community.
pakit entre nous cé pas nessaire de laisser le jeu à cause du desespoir, vous etes une team connueetsolide alors restez comme ça. stay IAF and see you around

Have nice day
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Sad to Hear this, anyway you were a good mercenary in this Community.

how can we Convince People? =./
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DL irl
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We love you too... But why the note of finality? Are you leaving?
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We love you soo much that you should stay.
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Wow, wow, Pakit.

Don't leave!
I've had to put up with Undead for almost 4 years of his hate towards me, but I just work with him and I have no problems. Haters in my opinion is just people who are jealous of you.

Pakit, please don't leave! :(
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ty, ty.
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