World Cup- 2014
I would like to communicate to all who participate in this forum that the feeling of Brazilians are against the holding of the World Cup in Brazil .

I'll tell you what's happening here at the moment :

1 ) FIFA did not accept blacks presenters for the event and chose Brazilian resemble Europeans .

2 ) The price of tiket to watch the games is absurdly high .

3 ) There is a law that gives discounted price for students and seniors , this law was disregarded.

4 ) Several laws are being ignored .

5 ) It is well known theft of millions in overbilling of works for construction of stadiums .

6 ) Educated people know that Ronaldo and Pele are puppets of the capitalist money.

7 ) Every day the Brazilians are realizing that the form of social control is bankrupt .

* ) At this time there are protests across the country. But it will not for tv .

* ) The Brazilian recommend : Do not come to Brazil in the world cup . We are not prepared to receive you guys yet. Maybe in a few years.

- Theft ships with the world cup : 10 billion dollars.

( This is a photo of protest in the city where I live )

Global village should not mean global deception .
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ffs we got spain...
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(06 Dec 13, 06:22PM)Marti Wrote: ffs we got spain...
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fuck Spain, you got Chile.

@Marti, come at me bro, June 23rd, 2014.
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Seriously, people who aren't supporting England think they have a right to complain about their group? :D

We're out before it's even started. x')
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i agree, its the hardest group. i think uruguay will be strong and italy is italy. as a german i feel with you. really, i do.

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Well you have Portugal! And I guess Ghana are pretty decent. And then USA.... :'D
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The hardest group? Not at all, it's a simple walkover for Uruguay and Italy. Group G and B are more difficult to predict imo
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I meant that it's the hardest for England/English supporters... :D

G is the hardest group to predict imo, while E and H are just stupid, won't even be interesting xD
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kkkkkkkkkkkkk of course.
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why do you all forget group F ? Iran is going to have a bad time ....

@EndGame lol Chile

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Come at us.
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Uruguay and Italy. England can come out on top if we don't resort to the tried, tested and failed i.e. gerrard, lampard and rooney.
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(06 Dec 13, 07:26PM)Hellspell Wrote: Uruguay and Italy. England can come out on top if we don't resort to the tried, tested and failed i.e. gerrard, lampard and rooney.

Ricky Lambert is your only hope
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if even after the warnings you still want to see the world cup ...

Games in my city:

France v Honduras
Netherlands vs. Australia
South Korea x Argelia
Argentina vs Nigeria ...
G1 x H2

Group G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana, USA
Group H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia, South Korea

You can stay at my house free of charge.
Prerequisite is playing AC for over 2 years and donated $ 100 for a Brazilian institution of charity.

My house is 20 minutes from the stadium - public transportation.
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I'm gonna stay in Zuk's house (no homo).

@Marti, you really missed this one

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I'm in if you cook and wash my clothes. BTW The final is brazil against some european.
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Do you think that they will finish to build 6 stadiums on 6 months?

make your bet!
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If I go, I'll watch the games in the fan fests. Those fucking tickets are so expensive.
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[Image: u7YEoWY.jpg?1]

Now, what's really going to happen :-/

[Image: JsqwWoq.jpg?1]
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(06 Dec 13, 08:53PM)EndGame Wrote: Easy...


Now, what's really going to happen :-/

No Italy? Have you ever watched any World Cup in your life? :|

Anyway I'd be glad if Brazil would win another WC, it's actually the only other team that deserves it, besides Italy, ofc.
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Italy? Bah

Brazil? bah

South Africa? w00t - failed to qualify but we all know they are favourites for 2018 ;)
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Chile will not pass group stage, and how on earth does COL beat GER? lol

Netherlands to finally win the WC once!
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Chile has a prettry solid team, Martinator. They just bitch slaped Spain.
Now about the Netherlands: well what can I say... they have much more media than proper football, tbh it has been like that since 1974, they are always the favorite that never win shit! Spain 1st and Chile 2nd - mark my words!
I fell relle bad for Costa Rica, la nena Sacerock deserved better, his Costa Rican pride will be mortally wounded after de group phase...
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(06 Dec 13, 10:36PM)Rainbow Wrote: Italy? Bah

Brazil? bah

South Africa? w00t - failed to qualify but we all know they are favourites for 2018 ;)
Respectively, 4 and 5 World Cups won until now, *cough* *cough*

Anyway yes, I was quite sarcastic, since Italy was a great fail in 2010. It's funny how people don't understand sarcasm. :(
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R.I.P. Australia
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America for wc win. The american upset happened once already this year (hehehe)

rip australia
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R.I.P Australia.
They lasted long.
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I am almost sure France paid his last victory against Ukraine to access the wold cup.
High level soccer sucks. Not even interresting to watch, better play AC1.1
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