World Cup- 2014
Crema we actually won the EC once ^^
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My point exactly: always good players, always one of the favorite temas that for some reason never won a World Cup. Don't get me wrong, I find it a shame that guys like Rijkaard, Van Basten, Gullit and Bergkamp (whon I find one of the best strikers of all times) never won a world cup, they surely deserved it, but the fact is: Your contry is crused bruv, u dudes just can't win it!
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we may not win, but we can beat Chile :D

some more skill by Alexis from yesterday
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Out of respect for my Brazilian comrades, I will be boycotting the World Cup, 1Cap. I won't come to any of the games.
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todo esta arreglado, Brasil sale campeon. seguro. en la FIFA son todos una manga de ladrones.
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Ohh come on, mpx don't start crying already. If you keep up with this I'll have to go looking for Pibe's hand goal or Argentina 6 x 0 Peru. I don't want to, I'm lazy.

But for real: it's the damn World Cup! Name me one where the referee(s) haven't "made some little mistake" in benefit of the home team? It's always the same: they wanna make sure that the home country gets at least to the quarter finals, only the South Africans didn't managed (caus they suck). Or you relle think South Korea had enough football to be fourth in 2002!? Anything prior to the semifinals will be kinda fishy, it happended in EVERYSINGLE edition so far.
But I don't really care, it's pretty much part of the game by now and even with this crap is still, by far, the best sport event in the planet.

And besides, an Brazilian hypothetical road to final (if everything follows logic, which on football it harly does) will be pretty much Horrible - Dtuch, Italy, Germany and Argentina on final - how is this shit any good or easy? If they tampered with the draw to favor Brazil they did one louzy job...
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Brazil is actually good, no one will be surprised if they win i guess
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they have the best team in years indeed, but i dont even see them in the final tbh. an european team will win the cup - hopefully.
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brazil - oscar, ramires, luiz

all star team (anybody notice they all play at the best club) hehe
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(08 Dec 13, 11:54AM)Xenon Wrote: (anybody notice they all play at the best club)

which is why theyre 3rd in the PL :p

Ronaldinho MVP m8
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MVP 10 years ago maybe
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(06 Dec 13, 07:11PM)Vanquish Wrote: G is the hardest group to predict imo, while E and H are just stupid, won't even be interesting xD

Imo group F (Argentina + Bosnia ggwp) is the most boring + hardest group to predict is D although I hope Italy + England will pass through.

also I think Japan will be the big suprise in this WC..
I don't say they they can reach the final but at least the quarterfinal and maybe further.
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ElCrema, I meant this..

desmiss the music, is lame. XD
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Yes No news to me. - Thanks for posting -
Just watch things more carefully and the truth is revealed.

But if you want to ignore the facts and live in ignorance, okay. I admire those who can do this. Ignorance is a gift.

- There are many good players, but only those who sell themselves to capitalism and accept the circus, only these will become international stars.

( Was just a parenthesis ... continue talking about your favorite team and player ...) hsaushaushasuashaushauahsaushasuahsauahs
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30 millions of dollars for Brazil, the next champion! BS.

its all about money, is not a fair play anymore. :slapface:
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(09 Dec 13, 08:35PM)Marti Wrote:
lololololololololo huehuehuehuehuehue sahushuashuahsuhauhsau
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Cheating bastards!!1!111! Fuck FIFA and Brazilian organizers.
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FIFA is rigged? No way!
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Fair International Football Association right?
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I'm from Croatia and we're supposed to open the WC against Brazil :S . At least Mexico and Cameroon are beatable...I hope. Bosnia got the Argentinians, but the rest of their group seems passable, might be they clear the group phase.

Italians are never to be underestimated.
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You dudes are probably too young, I seem a shit load of world cups, all of them have some strangeshit going on: drawing, home friendly referees and so on. But again, when it hits the quarter finals ppl play for real, even if those playing were handpicked by FIFA. The best example is 2002, they made everything to get either Japan or South Korea as far as possible, but when it got around the quarter final the best teams will always prevail.
The thing I don't get it with this drawing scam thing is: who the fuck they were trying to help? Certainly wasn't Brazil, the group is quite easy, yes but, everything else after that won't be. If anyone got it easy with this drawing was Argentina and I just can't see why on earth FIFA would want to give Argentina a helping hand in a World Cup in Brazil...So can any of the conspiracy theorist please enlighten me here?
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Switzerland m8. Izi group
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The giant is wakeup
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My town is full of tourists. Some have been assaulted. :)
But the party starts in a few hours. I'm waiting for the Brazil team lose. Things will proceed more serious if it happens.
but the rest of the world will be cheering wildly.
Your team has a chance?
do you believe that the stadiums are not 100% ready?! lol - omg
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(10 Dec 13, 03:10PM)Marti Wrote: Switzerland m8. Izi group

France #1
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We can Spain ajajjajaj :D
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Brazil vs Spain final. I think it is most likely we (England) will top our group, but if we come 2nd or 3rd I wouldn't not be surprised. Then we will beat Cote D'Ivoire or Columbia and get knocked out by Spain in quarter finals. If we don't fucking play Shrek. Or Milner. Or Lampard. Or Jones. Or Smalling.
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Australia will win #believe
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