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This discussion is pointless. I don't think it's good to involve AC community in our "beef", nor I think it will do any clan any good. So pls stop it. Devs pls fix the bug, although it's awesome feature it should be only available in demo mode. STK cya in the game after this problem is resolved.

P.S. I was wondering if any of the STK members is H3ra.
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(23 Nov 13, 12:19AM)RAMPAGE Wrote: P.S. I was wondering if any of the STK members is H3ra.

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We have some visionaries that topic lol
I never used (and my mates did not) this kind of bug are you talking about, you are saying that sure that we use, but how are you sure? We always came back to base to defend, you can see the demos when we was .aK|
Sace ... You said you had respect, well ... if that's what you keep saying the topics are what you call respect, i do not know what that is!
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So conclusion is that your teammates use wall hack/radar hack (if we count out 1.2. bug exploit). \o/

Self edited!
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If english speakers find it frustrating to read such posts, imagine how non-english speakers (like me) would feel. Your posts doesn't make any damn sense! At all. None. Zero. Nada.


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Cant you all just CALA A BOCAAAAA?

(look at my brilliant mix of english and portuguese, i should thank jv for learning me all kinds of insults)
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silence is a kind of response that only good listeners listen.
stay on top of the wall, is also the same as deciding one side.
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Because 1Cap was so kind as to report more than half the posts in this thread for racism and add-nothing, and because add-nothing, closed.
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