List of Free Agents
Plz remove me. Ty very much.
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:o what clan you in?
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(30 Jun 13, 06:53AM)Bloodsport Wrote: Could you add me to the list.

Nickname: Bloodsport
Type of clan: Friendly, social.
Age: Late 20s.

I'm a bit of an on-off player at the moment, and looking for a relaxed and friendly clan who are fairly active in my current timezone (NZ).

Hey Bloodsport.

Flick me a PM when you can, our clan is based in AUS and NZ, so if you would be interested you are free to join :)
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RE: List of Free Agents
Plz remove me. Ty very much.
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Nickname - Graziano
Contact [email protected]
Teamspeak (Optional) Crashed xD
Type of clan wanted (i.e. Mapping, Socially Friendly, Competitive) - Competitive, Socially,Friendly,Active,Handsome,Fun,Much training,Pro
Over myself: Very active,Seriously about playing,Competetive,Friendly,Fun,(pro) later
Age - 18
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Could you remove me from list?
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I saw deathcrew in a clan recently too. 45 or ak.
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I think he apped for .45

Also Graziano is in vQ and Penguin is in PSY
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No PhaNtom I leaved vQ..
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(17 Feb 14, 07:43PM)PhaNtom Wrote: Graziano is in vQ

damn ive never seen a guy get accepted that fast
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oshit nevermind :D
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(17 Feb 14, 07:47PM)Graziano Wrote: No PhaNtom I leaved vQ..
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Yeah DC is apping for .45 but he is still trial and not full yet. Everything is possible :)
If he is in .45 fully, we will write here :)
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I totally forgot about this! I'm trial and not full member but I would like to be removed from the list. Thanks :)
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Remove me UP
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MerCyKiL won't be able to maintain this any more, so it's been unstickied for the time being. If it gets popular again, and somebody wants to take it over, copy the info from the first post, change it as necessary, and create a new thread. Thanks.
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