Making a server?
So I want to make a server, but you know, like not have the same maps over and over again. Maybe even.... an ezjemville!!!! (BLASHPEHMY i know). So how do I run this server and not get banned by the Third Reich? It has to be oppressed...oops I mean private, or something like that right?
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What version do you mean?
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Either one
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-mlocalhost to make it "rogue", or not appear on the server list.
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(23 Aug 10, 08:04AM)Emoposer Wrote: Either one

Well, you do have to choose between 1.0,, and, since they all have different protocols. I think you should try the latest 1.1 version because it has less bugs than the previous 1.1 versions.
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0.93 ftw
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Obvious KH is obvious.
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Thank you Syntax

@Drakas & Draul : lol
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