Summer Cup
dispo pick-up (french and english)
my skype: yannick-ze-ltg
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someone really wants to play the summer cup
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ill be referee for some non-oNe games
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I can (and want to) be referee too. Just let me know when and where. It would better if every clan contributes with one referee so that in all matches there is one at least.
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The tree has been updated

@EndGame we have enough referees now but thanks for volunteering!
Sanzo, Harrek, Waffles, Vanquish and myself are current referees.
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I think that maybe 1 more referee would be good? considering that w00p and oNe are also playing this week, if Vanquish is not on there will be on referee?
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I highly doubt oNe and w00p will have any disagreements anyway.
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still there should be a ref i guess, because there might be matchfixing :D
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ok np, I'll be there if you need me :-)
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The "summer" cup is held in the spring? LOL, seems I was late a little... well, next year.
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It might be better if you accept another referee that lives in the Americas because of timezones. Everyone is european on that list except Waffles.
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We're looking for an artist/graphic designer to make some awards including 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, 4th place, fairplay, best teamplayer, best defender, best flagger and most improved! If you're interested give me a PM!
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I nominate D3M0NW0LF.
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I got you larry. Time to unleash my gimp skills on the world
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Just to say I am aware of at least two teams who have been using benched players to ghost. There are no explicit rules against it in this competition and it is virtually impossible to prove so we won't take any action. However, if we see teams do this in the future we will name them!

In future tournaments we may require everyone to use a special client like in ACWC '12.
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Name and shame, IMHO.
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(03 Jun 13, 08:44PM)Fate Wrote: Name and shame, IMHO.

You sure?
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Oh the irony if one of the teams is MyS. tsk tsk >:|
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can confirm w00p was cheating vs hsos
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Can confirm too
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If woop has cheated and if they woud be expelld from tournoment my clan can take the spot if its possible
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Nice try dude, nice try.
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Sanzo, don't lose!!!
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I swear we will do our best !
But times change.. And i'm sure Bad Luck Undead would love to beat us for once in a tournament.

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w00p|Newbie is now a referee. Vanquish and Newbie will be hosting ACWC this year.

I wish you all the best of luck.
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Any date for signups and when the rounds are being played?
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Bad joke Larry...
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I push middle
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