i am sorry i dunno where to post this but i am 110% this guy is hacker but this is a really big concern and it matters his user is Shinka_Nibutani and heres proof http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/6241/...ouzeto.jpg

Hacking isn't allowed and if the admins still come on forums they can deal with this hacker
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Innocent until proven otherwise.
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But what the hell he has 81-29 that must be enough proof
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No it's not. It is not that amazing in a pub.
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Since when is someone with a 2,8 ratio a hacker?
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This is gold.
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Maybe he cheats or maybe he's just lucky, a screenshot of a nice ratio isn't enough to blacklist someone, get the demo next time and and post it in this thread.

Things that help when reporting an offender:
* Name(s) used.
* Date/Time (including timezone).
* Server it occured on (including IP/Port of the server).
* Demos/Screenshots of the offense(s).
* IP (or a partial IP).
* A detailed description of what they did.
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Just post it in the correct forum section "Blacklist"
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(19 Mar 13, 12:48PM)DarKnight Wrote: Just post it in the correct forum section "Blacklist"

Gj saying exactly what Medusa said
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