Some more of the old blacklists I got need looking into. Please, look into these and if possible unban me from a few Gema servers? (: I would apreciate it. [Image: 29crl8j.png]
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dude stop complaining, im banned on servers too, and do u see me complaining? No. Play on other servers
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Nate maybe u should change your behaviour to prevent yourself from being banned so you dont have this problem anymore
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Your behavior makes it hard to feel sympathetic...
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You can't do nothing, if you get blacklisted for a specific reason, stop crying and play in another server, theare are a lot of AC servers for enjoy!!

Just stop making threads becuase you're polluting the forums, they are silly and we are sick about your posts
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LOL, banned from crap map servers.

Go play a quality map.
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1st Thread:
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(16 Mar 13, 11:55PM)Jg99 Wrote: im banned on servers too, and do u see me complaining? No.

Uh...shall I get IRC logs?
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Jesus christ spammers? I only said "I NEED LOOKING INTO" open ur asain eyes and look. I don't care if I get the BL removed or not.. I just want "A OWNER" of the server to look into them. And did I ask for any of you people for your 2 senses? No didn't think so. So please stop commenting unless ur an owner of the server.
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No one is going to do your work. You have to personally contact those server owners if you want to be unblacklisted, it's not our issue nor our concern.
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(17 Mar 13, 04:06AM)Nate_0976 Wrote: I only said "I NEED LOOKING INTO" open ur asain your Asian* eyes and look.
GL trying to get help with that attitude

(17 Mar 13, 04:06AM)Nate_0976 Wrote: And did I ask for any of you people for your 2 senses cents*?
No but you clearly need some sense...

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(16 Mar 13, 06:02PM)Waffles Wrote: Maybe he's getting handies under the table

aaah so that's what "Internet Service Provider" means.

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Nate_0976 Wrote:
Bugboy1028 Wrote:
Nate_0976 Wrote:You're the 1 who gave my ip to every 1 in the forums heh? Now People are hitting me off? Just because of you? Hmm... No worrys. Got something for you. Don't message me like "oh sorry what did i do?" You posted the logs and it showed my ip... U fucking twat. L2BLOCKIP now I'm going to have a little fun.

Dude, If you see log file, I have EVERYONE ip in logfile, and It will take a lot of ip filters to get rid of all of them.


Btw, Since way you are harassing me on Skype and AssaultCube, more people are asking me for YOUR IP.


This is your last warning, Drop the caps and cursing or you will see more banned servers.

I'm NOT removing your ban at all

And to moderators, I suggest to close this thread since it's getting repeating
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Thread closed plus a warning for racist remark! (open ur asain (asian) eyes and look )
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