New map ac_polar by DogDancing
Hey everyone, its been a long time since I released a map of my own. I've been working on this map for quite some time, since the summer when I first came up with the layout design..and its been evolving every since then.

Please download and test the map, report any bugs that you find, and post your helpful critics, and opinions.

This map is compatible with 1.1, it has not been converted yet for the svn/beta version of the game. But will be in the near future when I get the time, and talk to randum for help.

I hope you all enjoy this map! Have fun fragging, and gibbing!

note: there are currently no ffa spawns only team atm, they will be added eventually but I wanted to get this map out there. So that I can get more people playing and testing it. Thanks

Quote:ac_polar made by DogDancing, with help by $N!P3R* as well as a little help from my buddy Doogum.
Also a special thanks to TyD clan for helping test as well as the other people from our IRC who helped, you know who you are.

ac_polar is a capture the flag map made by me which is based slightly off of the old castles of the "frozen north". CLA have set up a base deep in the heart of the tundra where they are excluded and can do there operations in secret. But the RVSF have sent in a team just south of there position to infltrate and disrupt the terrorists plan of winning the war in the north. Its up to you to use your skills in maneuvering to run through the series of paths and to use your aim to stop the enemy in there tracks!

This map is a similar size to my other CTF map ac_shine, with similar base setups, but having said that the map itself is completely different. It may seem complicated the first few minutes you play it, but I hope it runs smoothly and is easy to learn to play. I hope everyone enjoys the map, PLEASE inform me of any BUGS that you guys find. As well as giving me your opinions, critics everything is welcome what you do and do not like about it things that stood out to you(in a good and bad way)..etc.

Thanks for reading and downloading and keeping ac mapping alive.
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Really nice attention to detail, and it looks very nice.

One thing though, is this ladder rung supposed to be off-center?
[Image: FAJ4U7y.jpg]
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Edited:(lol) I'm trying to play this map with good players.
It looks great and different .. but then I come back to comment.
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Just dowloaded and Orynge mentioned the details just took my attention at the first sight...I know well how much it has taken time, energy and beer ofc.;)..worth of dling suggest all to do it. welldone bro.
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A very unique looking and feeling map with nice detailing. I can't say much about gameplay yet.

Light source seems to be missing from the top left corner of the map (the area in Orynge's picture, next to the ammo box).
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[Image: RASYDTs.jpg] - dat hp :D
this map is beautiful!
it's a map ac needs as theirs no real ctf maps that are designed around snow.
it is actually very similiar to shine with 2 side sides and a mid which you can easily transfer into from either side. this is definitely worthy of being in the next version of ac and it appears the map needs little to no editing for it to be official standard with the levels of WMDetc. all being fine :D
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@Orynge yes that is suppose be a kind of..broken/falling apart ladder. Maybe I'll add another one lower to make the effect more prominent or try to put one on the ground(idk if that's possible or not).

@1cap Thanks for your kind words, yes I did try to make it more "gema" stylized, pretty much tried to just make fun and new gameplay that hasn't been tried before. Yah there are definitely more places to hide on the CLA side..and I'll take the armor placement into consideration especially since CLA is already the base that is more "closed off", hope we can get some clan/inter matches going on this map soon to get a sense of the evenness of the map. Yah more snow may be added, I hear there are more snow textures svn and that cleaner is also making a "snow" model-pack which might help spruce it up a bit in places.

@SrP Thanks for the kind words, hehe not much beer was consumed while making this map. On the other had lots of MaryJane was consumed. ;)

@aNy Thanks, yah that's definitely was my goal to make a fun and unique map. I'm not sure what you mean, the part next to the window? Cause my thought was windows give light, but if you mean something else lemme know.

@Xenon Thanks bro, glad you like it and that it still holds up under the texredu

Thanks all for checking out the map! Now lets get some games going!
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I have an issue with your map.cfg file mate

[Image: image2xa.jpg]

Need to know if it's in your original upload or if it happened when download..
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I don't see that when I just downloaded a new file of it. Did you load it in SVN..?(maybe that's why, looks like what I get in svn in cfgs from 1.1maps.)
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Not loaded nor converted, just downloaded from Quadro and opened with Wordpad.

I am not the only one to have had that issue (not with yours) but usually this come with time when file went up and down several hosts.

EDIT: I downloaded it again to check, still have the same...
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have the exact same thing but it doesn't effect to break the map?
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(18 Feb 13, 02:17PM)Xenon Wrote: have the exact same thing but it doesn't effect to break the map?

that is on a lot of maps that you getmap from servers
dont know why exactly
it looks like a corrupt cfg
example i have it in "ac_iceroad_rework"
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Woooo DD is back yo \o/

DLing now.
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(18 Feb 13, 11:35AM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: I have an issue with your map.cfg file mate
Need to know if it's in your original upload or if it happened when download..

Known bug when you sendmap/getmap.
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My favorite angle of the map.
[Image: opmqaa.png]
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(18 Feb 13, 04:36PM).ExodusS* Wrote:
(18 Feb 13, 11:35AM)DES|Cleaner Wrote: I have an issue with your map.cfg file mate
Need to know if it's in your original upload or if it happened when download..

Known bug when you sendmap/getmap.

Map never went through the MS, I open the cfg file straight after I downloaded it from Quadro.

EDIT: Could it be a bug at Quadro?
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That stuff pops up randomly I believe. Pretty sure he can just delete the $%%^% stuff and it should be good. I don't see any errors in the cfg itself that would cause this.

Nice map, DD. As usual, it has a unique, different look and feel to it, but still has a familiar layout and solid detailing. <3
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About time this was released ;) Lovely layout, real solid and I can't wait to get a few games on this. I like the kind of parkour-y element of this maps, such as where the rvsf base's helmet is. Your maps always have a really distinct style. gg :)
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(18 Feb 13, 05:24PM)1Cap Wrote: My downloaded file:

(18 Feb 13, 09:21PM)Nightmare Wrote: That stuff pops up randomly I believe. Pretty sure he can just delete the $%%^% stuff and it should be good. I don't see any errors in the cfg itself that would cause this.

Nice map, DD. As usual, it has a unique, different look and feel to it, but still has a familiar layout and solid detailing. <3

Yeah, the file writing in AC is a bit snarfed.
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I love this map. Didn't get the chance to check how much better CLA was but from what I remember the map was fun, many ways to play it with different styles :)
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Thanks for all the nice comments guys, played it in a pub last night and found a bug thanks to dreamer. Try to vote it and keep playing it guys and report any physical/visual bugs thanks.
Small map update, Change around 2 or 3 pickups and fixed a ladder bug.
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This is what I ment. Maybe I'm just stupid, but it seems to me like there should be a light source.

[Image: polarlightsource.jpg]

A bug on a snow pile, in the middle of the map.

[Image: acpolarbug.jpg]
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I'm always stunned when it takes only some brief looks left and right to recognize who's the creator of the map. You've developed your very unique style, which means quite a lot considering the rather limited possibilities at AC-mapping.

The map flows really nicely and the trick jump parts even speed things up as one is encouraged to edge-jump/crouch-jump all throughout the map. I like how the lighting and ground details are going hand in hand with the ceiling architecture.

There's quite a lot of detailing going on and at first I even thought it was too much already. At second sight I'd say the amount of details is just perfect, but the sharp cuts from one floor/wall/ceiling texture to another might cause this irritation. It's like any 10 millisecs the floor will change form snow, to wood, to tiles, to concrete, to other tiles, to grass ...and so on.
However, I didn't like this on ac_scaffold too much at first and eventually got used to it. After all, I guess that's part of your style and this kind of stuff really isn't going to be recognized much while actually playing a map.

You're focusing quite strictly on layout and gameplay, which of course isn't any bad and the reason your maps, like scaffold and shine are just great fun to play. Though, this map again makes me wonder where am I? What is this place? I don't really get an idea what this building is supposed to be, since its overall structure is pretty abstract. This is always giving me a hard time immersing into a map and leaves some faint taste of randomness. I'm not saying any single room needs some particular usage or purpose, but even you're introduction lacks that very hint what this place is about. Well, maybe I'm just a little too anal about matters of "realism". :P

So far I only tested it with bots on TDM, but yet it was great fun already! Pickup placement and balancing seemed all right from a pub-player's point of view. Hope to get a game with human players soon!
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@Any, Thanks hmmm..maybe your right Idk though I'll check it out, not all the light sources really need something there..I'm not to strick bout the whole realism shit for ac, I started playing Cube first so I guess that's always influenced me.

Hey floppy, thanks for the kind words. Yah your right about the textures I kinda needed to step back and look at all the different types to realize maybe I can limit it a little more.

Yah your completely right I only thought of the gameplay/flow of the map and I didn't have any idea of where you actually are in the map..but to be honest I don't like "realistic" maps I like maps that are more similar to the "cube style". But maybe I can try and think of what to add to fix this problem..or other(s) can think as well ;)
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You're absolutely one of my favourite mappers - the way you can make a bunch of textures flow so easily looking spectacular in a small space.. stunning. Reminds me of.. ac.. midnight, was it? Gold stars Dog.

Only part that stood out to me like a sore thumb was the tiles inside the tub of a drainage area. But respect.
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Thanks bro means a lot :) Ha you remember midnight I'm glad someone does? ;)

Alright so I fixed a few things, I made the health of cla side a little easier to jump to..added a few texture fixes I noticed. As well as changed the tiles razor mentioned, I was never sure if they were to outta place or not. Any other bugs lemme know. Also ANY server owners with CTF servers fill free to put this map on your if you like it. :)
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Great map DogDancing, I love it!
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Of course, I could never understand why that map wasn't official. That and my map ac_awesometastic. Two black sheep there.

Good update (obviously I ran straight to the previously-tiled area, it looks much more robust and flows better now). Add this to your custom map servers guys!
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ac_awesometastic deserves it's own religion.
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i was banned for daring to insult Dear Nigel.
i mean, i wanted to tell you how glamorous your map is, alas i could not.
yet here we are.
to elaborate, the tricky stuff you've added to the map is building onto the kind of stuff which makes desert3 amazing, and any future maps by anyone should have lots of opportunities to do loads of sick tricks

great job
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