New map ac_polar by DogDancing
Thanks bro, glad to here people like to jump around as much as me. Small update of the map is coming this weekend.
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ac_polar has been UPDATED.
Fixed some minor gameplay issues(pickups,etc), added detail to some areas and changed a few minor texture bugs as well as some of minor bugs.
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Great work Dog, i looks very icy!
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Thanks for your confidence in AKIMBO
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Thanks DK, lol Cleaner..sarcasm..akimbo ftw!
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Reopening this thread!!! After a long hiatus from assaultcube I've finally found the time to play and map a little again.
I've listened to ppls critics. and I've tried to take them all into consideration. I've tried to make the map more streamline got ride of the left and another small area.

Please put it on your ctf servers and get some play testing on it an of course looking for any new bugs that I've missed.
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Welcome back! I just came back a few weeks ago and was wondering where you went. Pretty map, as always.
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Amazing creator of maps, welcome back. You're one of the best loved this map.
Keep it up bro ;)
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Why isn't this map official yet? Ah right... cuz we have shit like d3 infesting our maprot. Course lets not forget oh I don't know... SHINE. Who was that made by? Uh huh...
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... a dog.
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He's back
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The reason players love shine is because it has so many routes yet offers easy frags. It's complex and simple at the same time. Polar offers that same dynamic but... it is more on the complex side. Too many textures. Less visual, more tactics. Less complexity, smooth it out a little.
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