[Delta] Squad Needs A Server
Hi guys. My clan, [Delta] Squad, would like a server to play, chat, host events, etc. I can't make one myself because I don't know how to forward my ports, etc. Anyways if you can PM me and we can talk that would be nice. My site is located here.
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please guys im desperate to finding a server for my clan. im sorry i dont have money, but i just want my clan to have a server for us to play and have fun.
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Just read the docs. It's simple enough. portforward.com
This is of course, if no one can offer you a server.
I've never seen you guys ingame so I can't say anything
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but u have to pay for that kind of service. and we are a new clan here. we've gotton so good so quickly and there is only 4 or 10 of us here but that'll change once we get a server...
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Edit: whatever
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[Delta], go to speedtest.net and run the test, then post the results here. We'll see whether your home connection is capable of hosting a server.
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You can use any of the private servers provided by Woop (1.0), TyD (1.1) and MyS (1.0 & 1.1) to play your games. For voice-chat, there's TeamSpeak and Mumble and some clans do have those available for the public to use (Woop: loki.woop.us). To chat, use IRC: http://www.gamesurge.net/ and http://www.quakenet.org/ are the places to look at.

To get some exposure for your clan, try the HI-SKILL, {TyD}, {BoB} and IAF ladders.
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(23 Aug 10, 04:32PM)[Delta] Wrote: but u have to pay for that kind of service.

No you don't? Hosting a server yourself is free. 24/7 uptime is a different story but I'm sure you could squeeze in some temporary servers yourself. :)
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no i meant the port fowarding...i dont know which brand/model of router i have...
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look on ur router lol, it will say on the bottom probly
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Find the box if its not on the bottom
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well i cant find the model number on the box or on the bottom or if it's just because theres too many different numbers...
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Take a couple of photo's of the labels and router, post them on a photo sharing site and post the links here, someone may be able to help you out with that.
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(24 Aug 10, 02:10PM)[Delta] Wrote: well i cant find the model number on the box or on the bottom or if it's just because theres too many different numbers...

Type into your browser '' without the quote marks and you should get your model number. Match up your model number to one from the list here and then follow the instructions.

It's simple as, mate. You just gotta look hard enough.
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ok i typed it in...all i got was an error message that said Connection Is Taking Too Long i pressed Try Again didnt work. Im using Firefox does it only work of IE?
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*sigh*... do you not even know the make of your router? Surely it must say that on the router?
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the maker is Motorola and the connection is provided by Qwest and yes its server capable.
i just cant find the model number...
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Ah, Motorola has a different IP to access your router configuration page. Rather then, do and then the model number should appear.
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nope still doesnt work...im just going to give. *sigh* well if someone would love to make me a server for my clan please PM me so we can talk...
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