Douze Fest 2012
Cool. Let's all be there!
I put silver in my ammo. The respawn of you will be 10 seconds.
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gl, i win

edit: need2sleep. 1:30 am and i cbf waiting another 4.5 hours

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This should be intresting, im up for it. i'll surely be there :D.
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57 mins away from start time. got 4-5 people already on the server.
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Douzefest is complete! Congrats to the Gold/Silver/Bronze winners, and thanks to all 20 participants.
1st) .rC|Xemi
2nd) Pi_HurpDurpson
3rd) B}titi
titi was up at the top all game but settled for third place. Hurp came out of nowhere late to grab Silver. And Xemi finished strong to take the lead and run with it late in the game.

Blueberry says this is the demo. If it's a virus, blame him.
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very sexy match, gg
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that was fun :-) congrats
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Demo of the match as well.
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cant believe I lost :-( any prize for the last?
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So much chaos, spawn die spawn die and get kills somewhere inbetween
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Gah, so close to most deaths... :x
Congrats to the tournament director for most deaths.
Next up - DesFest, 3-part DM extravaganza.
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Good games, I was 5th.
Lol @ Edward, 25 deaths? Not bad. :D
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old keyboard and mouse. you guys need to step it up
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I like it. Well fun.
Great idea. The perfection live in simplicity. lol
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(15 Dec 12, 10:48PM)1Cap Wrote: The perfection live in simplicity.
Wise words from the friend of the king.
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Funny game :D ROum
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So much fun, clusterfucks and spawns traps everywhere, as far as the eye could see.
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Due to the fun & success of this Douzefest, it'll happen 4 days in 2013. A spring edition, summer, fall, and winter editions. And each of those 4 days will have four separate DM Douze games, @ 3:00 GMT, 9:00 GMT, 15:00 GMT, and 21:00 GMT, in order to give the whole world a taste of it & multiple chances to participate for some.
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although it does not show i actually won

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(16 Dec 12, 05:38AM)Xenon Wrote: although it does not show i actually won


you're so pr0 you use cheats to win
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Can't we keep that a secret?
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