Question: How many Indonesian Players got blacklisted or banned from any servers?
Hi Guys! i was asking How many Indonesian players got blacklisted or banned from any servers?
You want to know why i ask here?Because I see alot of indonesian players banned from any gema servers because of killing or team killing....I know the reason why they are banned in there.. Because Indonesian Players Cannot Speak English or any they cannot read it. and sometimes they always using kick vote with no,I wanna ask How many Indonesian Players got Blacklisted or Banned?
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Qnyoy, for cheating. I'd be very surprised if most people take the time to find out where players are from when they blacklist or ban them. You probably won't get a lot of replies.
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I know....Sometimes Indonesian players always got ban because the other country players call them laggers.....I know my country players are laggers,but why i see spain or brazil or portugal players using ban votes? i got banned becuase of lagger..can they just use a perfect reasons to ban,seriously?just let them lag for a while...they got disconnect when their internet got jammed not using kicking vote or ban vote...
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