Ban Appeal
It's been 2 years. Yes a appeal which has taken 21 month for me to ask for forgiveness. Yes i am the one center of the "Ladder douchbaggery" debacle, but i would like to be removed my the blacklist as well as any other individual server owners list, it has been a along time since and me enthusiasm has not change but my tactics have.Im sure everyone with agree my crimes are not particularly heinous and but i have taken a good time out, so if my ban could be lifted i would greatly appreciate this.

PS: i would like to publicly apologise to Jamz i have to say i am soory and i just happened to be on a good old Archer style rampage and in the end i was the fool

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It's been one year. // [2011-05-11] - |Deadmau5| aka ~KAS~LosZetas - Influencing ladder scores -

Regardless, the policy seems to be cheaters get 3 months. So if this is your only offense I think you'll be welcomed back.
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