Mac 11 with New arms
A mac 11 with arms. The instructions on how to place them is in the zip...[Image: file.php?id=489&mode=view]
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What is a Mac 11 and where is this one stolen from?
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Clean up those licenses, please.

I didn't skin those hands, the skin file is all new. I didn't model those hands.
You steal them from somewhere and leave my name in the license? Well thanks a lot. Do you think that's funny ?? How about reading .txt files before zipping them up?
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Looks like he's holding some sort of feminine hygiene product.
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Well, a screenshot from a modelling app doesn't reveal anything about the in-game view anyways...
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Second time he uses a stolen hand..
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Apparently they were Gibstick's hands.
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My elbow bends better than that. And that white border, does it appear in-game?
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