Poll: ACvideos need to be ..
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about fragging & tactics
27 43.55%
about ladder-whoring & cheating
10 16.13%
about server setup & how to pWn
10 16.13%
about "how it's meant to be played"
15 24.19%
Total 62 vote(s) 100%
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Project Movies - movies on/of/for the project
always keep everything in mind, from the start!

(reply to #29,#30)

RR: oh, sorry - but: yes, that's fine too - not to mention that a visual of what it looks like to install the game on that platform could preceed it. Make the platform video be 5-10 minutes, and tick off all specifics you deal with in the other videos, as much as this pertains to the platform (ofc) - so everybody is on the same page after watching "their" vid.

ikljo: currently no time to watch it, but indeed, giving basis-material, or referencing a video that's not quite "clean enough" (copyright etc.) and detailing the required work to have it conform to "officialdom" .. gr8!

I really think the best overall result will be had if the team decides on some general visual identity for the videos - make them all look part of the same family of videos.
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