Poll: ACvideos need to be ..
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about fragging & tactics
27 43.55%
about ladder-whoring & cheating
10 16.13%
about server setup & how to pWn
10 16.13%
about "how it's meant to be played"
15 24.19%
Total 62 vote(s) 100%
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Project Movies - movies on/of/for the project
People probably have missed the youtube channel for AssaultCube. But this was never the purpose of it - what is lacking, to put onto this official channel is that most often than not there's something that's just too much like copyright-infringement, if not actually blatantly so. ...
So .., so I was thinking. Why not pool resources?!?
We have people who could work on the audio side of things; voices, thematic- & ambient/vidHUD-soundscapes ...
..and people to play out scenes will hopefully eventually fill a cadre of "puppet masters". Anway - if ever1 takes on a bit of the entire process. From storyboarding, realising, to finally cutting, enhancing and publishing. All these steps could probably be done by just as many people .. ofc .. it too often makes sense if processing is condensed at certain "bottlenecks". So, sometimes, it's best if a number of steps stay in one hand .. but still - enough jobs for everyone .. who's up for grabs - who'll contribute to the project video face?
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Add another option that says "Entertainment"
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(11 Mar 12, 07:49AM)lucky Wrote: Add another option that says "Entertainment"

I could possibly do something in audio.

omgomgomg flow is alive
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Wow brah, I think its a given something must be done, and I have just the perfect idea.
But Im afraid to share because its such a time consuming thing, and I dont want "my idea" to lose the original view I intend for it.
If people are genuinely interested in listening to what kind of video DOES AC need , feel free to post on this comment section and I might open my heart!
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What about movies like this?

* Ronald_Reagan is shameless
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That is awesomeness at its best.
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We could use it for some montages (both pro shooting and pro-*gasp*-gema'ing)
We could also use it for map previews. In the sauerbraten community there are a ton of cool videos displaying different custom maps.
Then of course there's random humorous stuff like RR's vid and others.
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Don't forget the hax!
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put some clips of me playing in there and you're set
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(11 Mar 12, 06:25PM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote: We could use it for some montages (both pro shooting and pro-*gasp*-gema'ing)
We could also use it for map previews. In the sauerbraten community there are a ton of cool videos displaying different custom maps.
Then of course there's random humorous stuff like RR's vid and others.

Basically, machinima for AC. I think that's a great idea, rather than having AC videos scattered all over YouTube, have them all nicely organized into one channel.
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i'd be willing to lend my voice talents (not really talent, more like no shame), my puppeteer acting (as seen in ac platformer), and also I have some basic knowledge of audio editing.
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Funny you just posted this. I was just going to start making AC machinimas, if anyones interested in doing that, please PM me.

I say we, get that assault cube red vs blue going though.
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(12 Mar 12, 04:39AM)gambino Wrote: I say we, get that assault cube red vs blue going though.
You see this Zarj? ^^^
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(12 Mar 12, 05:26AM)ShadowFlameZ Wrote:
(12 Mar 12, 04:39AM)gambino Wrote: I say we, get that assault cube red vs blue going though.
You see this Zarj? ^^^
DrauL talked about something like that.
* Orynge gets on Facebook real quick to see how much progress he made.
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I can be project leader but people have to put their faith in me.

Its my golden path...
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I'd like to encourage the opening of a proper topic on such tangents; you're, of course, free to do whatever you can get away with on your own video project ..
.. but this thread is about providing content for the official video collection, currently realized inside a youttube-channel. Think of it more as documentation, release trailers and event teasers .. stuff like that .. not anywhere but for a 100st-video or so would there be a headshot-collage on it; five 2-minute walk-throughs through maps everybody knows - sure thing; trick-jumping a non-published map - never .. and so on, and so forth.

Actually I don't really intend to be very much active on this myself; others will be required for providing talent; this is just an idea originating inside the dev-team, we have some paradigms (e.g. NoCopyrightInfringement), but except for what's stated already nothing "etched in stone".
But first we should all be on the same page as to intended goals. What movies are supposed to be produced - then find people willing to collaborate on those specific goals - and again, don't hijack this topic for your own parallel-thread, create it appropriately.
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If you need help with girl voices just PM me ;)
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Well, here we collide:

Quote: trick-jumping a non-published map - never

What would be better than that? Jumping around on ac_power?

-Wow! Look, that guy got over the tank!
*Lets clip for next release.

Spot on ac_desert?

-Look that guy camping in that unreachable spot!
*Lets clip for next release.

*Lets clip for next release.

Whats fun about that?

Let me script it.

Two power plant employees (Waffles and al3rt) find a disturbance in the Force. Their boss, gambino, asks them to go check it out.

Gambino: -A critical error occurred , the power that maintains the Masterserver might FUKING EXPLODE if we dont do something soon!
Waffles & Alert: -v11 (Affirmative). Where should we look ?
G: -Its somewhere around between the two armor packs! v41 (Go get em boys)
W & A: -V13 (We are on our way)

They reach the area, and start looking around.

W & A: -v15 (We are in position now)
G: -Look in the area where the gas tanks outside of RVSF!

W & A Rifle jump to the tanks.

W & A: -V12 (Negative), no problem here.
G: -Oh shit the system is in critical condition, hurry up! Check where CLA armor pack is!
W & A: -V11 (All right sir)

They reach the area.

G: -V54 (Report in)
W & A:  -We are here, nothing seems wrong.
G: -Check the place thoroughly!

W & G jump to the "things", find nothing.

W & A : -Theres nothing wrong here, boss!
G: -Nevermind, v23 (SPread out) v23 (Cmon, move) Its gonna blow!

Everyone dies.

Fun factor = 0

If anyone is in for a more serious approach to the same idea, feel free to let me know, I have various ideas of my own.
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Hehehe :D very nice, just one fault :S i play sniper and rifle jumping with that? :S jks xD but i would love if that would be a short clip and me and the deep voicer, waffles, be super heroes but it would be cooler if there were problems and then at the end everyone still dies! :D
Gj paul:)
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Sure thing! My last post was ironical, but Id love to get a script going, because I think that what flowtron proposes has a lot of potential. I might do something little and pm ya! Keep an eye open!
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(12 Mar 12, 05:56AM)Orynge Wrote:
(12 Mar 12, 04:39AM)gambino Wrote: I say we, get that assault cube red vs blue going though.
DrauL talked about something like that.
* Orynge gets on Facebook real quick to see how much progress he made.
He wrote a few episodes, but he can't access the scripts right now since he fried his computer.
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"about fragging & tactics"

Btw: what about a Hollywood movie? :D

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:huh: :blank: *sigh* :-/
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flow, maybe it would help if you shared a bit more about what you specifically want to see. Multiple people may have ideas, but if there is some kind of framework (more specific than what you've already proposed) i'm sure the community would be more than happy to oblige.
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Anyhoo, I'm going to have to agree with Waffles here. Is this channel just for documentation-type stuff, or what? I don't think you were clear enough, flow, and your own following-up might be useful here.
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reminder: Thread/Post-#1
Okay, for starters: any1 is basically free to do their own stuff, on their own - so, anything said about "how to do stuff for the channel" is just for the channel, not meant about videos in general.
And just as perspective burdened is the fact that I can't/won't/daren't put my wishes down as more weighty than a snowflake - definitely not in contradiction to what actually gets produced by whatever body of community input compilators that may .. or may not .. arise out of this thread. This thread is meant to quick-start you into organizing, that's all ;-P

So. What would be kewl ideas to realize as some of the first videos to put on the channel? ..coz' when the obligatory topics were done, the honed teamwork could then be put to more "conceptual" works .. that's my "wish".

How about .. a vid on the HUD, the heads-up display -
it takes you from a small "hello world, this vid is on AC" intro to stills, or better non-too distracting/hectic/active scenes (mini loops?) that show examples of possible HUD views. Talk about the top-of-screen stuff, explain any required intricacies pertaining to AC (as compared to other fps'es).
Then maybe talk about the crosshair, more elaborations on the radar, team-display and special stuff in CTF and other gamemodes.
Try to make this compact & engaging - latter being tricky w/ such dry material - keep it under 5 minutes.
Then maybe keep the ball rolling w/ such "fundamentals"-videos by later adding one that deals with the gamemodes. Maybe better split that into 3 movies actually - one on DM/TDM and akin modes, then one on CTF .. take your time on this the ultimate/royal/supreme discipline of AC .. and one on the keep-the-flag-and-friends modes.

But really, not all should be bone-dry stuff either - of course one should have exemplary material on what it means to have "map control", .. how some tactics work on a variety of maps - tactics in general can surely be a meeting point of sorts for all the variety of gamevid makers, out there. If a good collection of demos can be scoured for live teams performing a pattern in non fake scenario .. that'd be gr8 - I just don't think that there's much hope in doing the scouring/searching in an efficient manner - I rather expect the need for those puppet masters I mentioned in #1, they would have to stage scenarios so as to provide raw material w/ a high density of usability.

What do I mean by that? Okay, say we have such a tactics video to make on something we'll call the 3-man-push. Say our "picture book" example is on ac_shine w/ the RVSF pushing toward the flag w/ 3 combatants on their respective left side up the map. They file into the room w/ the armour,
then - finding the passage empty - perform the 3-m-p.
What is a 3-m-p exactly - mmh, dunno :-P - imagine a tactic meant to ensure you all 3 make it past any potentially ambushing CLA in the short corridor toward the flag-hut-area.
Other tactics - basics could even entail just a series of "capturings" (taken from live demos) .. but that's probably already part of the CTF-gamemode-ACBasicsVid ;-P

There might be videos out there showing "how AC works", "what to do for MOD/media[add|replace|del]/config-stuff/scripting-deluxe/..." ... stuff like that .. chances are (see #1) it's not free of elements that keep us from being able to endorse it as an official video. If you have made one and it'd be possible - by you - to provide a "cleaned up" version (read: w/o music w/o copyright, or other material we can't show our channel as using unfairly) then you're most definitely invited to do this. Of course, it still isn't going to be necessarily put on the channel. So best if you wait till there is this envisioned body of video-producing people and then contact them to see what they think of your original material to gauge if it's feasible/sensible to rework it.

When tournaments - especially if it's something like the release cups - are through a break-down of results and a cutscene collage of the highlights of the best matches would be in order too.
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What if we set up a contest for people to make the best tutorial videos for their platform. A set of tutorials could be prescribed, and a deadline. Music could be provided by free 3rd party sources, and hopefully accessible by many people. Vocals would be a plus and clean editing.

One winner for each platform (mac, windows, linux).
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* flowtron cheers succint phrasing
"Make It So!"™

P.S.: although - what's with the platform criterium?
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I was thinking about tutorials not about how to play AC, but install mods and such. That changes per platform and so you would need a video for each platform.
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I've made a tutorial on our website about the methods I use to install mods. It is not a video but it contains visuals and detailed explanations of how to install them. Maybe someone could work off of some of the information or images I have given.
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