Falsely accused
Hi umm i have been banned for about 2Months for supposedly hacking :( any1 know how to get your ip blocked if u were falsely accused?

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I've split this to its own thread |BH|^^K!L3R(^_^), since it might draw a few replies. You're not on the central blacklist, so I'm guessing you're banned from some, but not all, servers. The IP you posted here from is not in the commonly used TyD blacklist, so you're going to have to be more specific about what you're banned from.
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From BoB ladder servers blacklist:

//Name : UCA~N0_SCoP3(NZ
//Ban Date : 17/10/11

This is marked not to be removed, so im not gonna touch it even if this isnt you.

If this isnt you, then you can talk to server owners about getting a de-ban password, but its up to them if they wanna provide you one or not.
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