The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
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(26 Aug 14, 06:39AM)Cemer Wrote: i understand that people do not like not being able to shoot through the flag. my real complaint is that you cant blow up the flag either; i mean its a piece of cloth. i really want to see a perfect gib turn the flag into 100 smaller flags that can be picked up for 0.01 flags, and you can pick up as many flag pieces as possible, and return as many as possible too. but your hands can hold too much and if you have over 50% of the flag you start dropping pieces if you riflesprint or go too fast

the flag gets returned as a whole when scored, a person holding over 75% of the flag is gibbed or someone with 66.6% of the flag blows himself up and another person

it also opens the way for a new weapon to be added; the vacuum.

you can now retrieve and blow flag pieces without them falling out of your hands and store them. you can press m2 to blow flag pieces at enemies for 1 damage a piece with full armor penetration (the flag shards are really burnt and crispy and can pierce kevlar). you can also blow enemies away from you and blow yourself back. you can also vacuum up pickups and flag bits as well as people, and vacuuming up a person does 50 damage as 50% of his bones break from being crushed into a vacuum. you can also blow grenades away as well as suck them in, and you can store grenades for an added explosive blast that does self damage as well as full nade damage, allowing a player to hold an extra grenade

this weapon is extremely balanced because it only has knife range and is imaginary
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<22:43:32> "Tezer": AC forums is dumb
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[01:34] <@harps> speaking of terrorists
[01:34] <@RantingHuman> inshahallah
[01:35] <@RantingHuman> salaamaelikum yallaaah
[01:35] <@harps> malekum salami
[01:35] <@RantingHuman> salami!

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(29 Aug 14, 10:43PM)Vanquish Wrote: <22:43:32> "Tezer": AC forums is dumb

In regards to flaming. :p
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<10:21:07> "Moto": $60,000
<10:21:24> "Hermiona": is that a lot?
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(02 Sep 14, 03:25PM)Nightmare Wrote: The entire middle east is Asia O_O
I thought they were south europe/north africa border nations.
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<23:41:39> "Loser": you boys white or black?
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(19 Sep 14, 09:23AM)killerjoe Wrote: Ffs. It doesn't exist?


You know what? Forget it. Lol
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(21 Sep 14, 12:13PM)Nightmare Wrote: Plan 2: Sell [AC] to Mozilla and make their 1000000000 man superteam work on it with the small print reading 'jamz owns your souls'
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Quote:RE: Can't connect?
I thought you left AC anyway.
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(22 Sep 14, 09:56PM)Nightmare Wrote:
(22 Sep 14, 08:33PM)Waffles Wrote: get over it and play elsewhere

We said the same thing to the indians.

Back to your reservation servers, 1cap.
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In all seriousness, I don't lag anymore :-D
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"I think we all need to sign up at the AC forum thread also as it seems that Music has it out to be overly technical about who is playing..." -|AoX|f0r3v3r
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(19 Sep 14, 04:19PM)EndGame Wrote: Glorious days are coming :-)

(21 Sep 14, 11:00PM)1Cap Wrote:
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(25 Sep 14, 01:37PM)quico Wrote: i think so x.x jajajaja
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Not sure if the real Grazy, but .rC w00p teamspeak PM:

Quote:<13:33:48> "Grazy": hey you here?
<14:13:28> "Grazy": u kno why i left bob?
<14:13:38> "Grazy": its cus of u
<14:13:41> "Grazy": u sux
<14:13:54> "Grazy": without u the clan wud be cool
<14:14:14> "Grazy": i hope ur dad hits you
<14:14:32> "Grazy": dats what asian parents do no?
<14:14:49> "Grazy": u have asian dick 12 cm? hahaha
<14:15:00> "Grazy": i own u
<14:15:04> "Grazy": fuck u
<14:16:36> "Grazy": i ddos ur shit tournament
<14:16:44> "Grazy": u cant make tournament cus you suck at everything
<14:16:51> "Grazy": lololol
<14:17:04> "Grazy": bye idiot asian fag
<14:17:07> Your chat partner has disconnected.
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jamz Wrote:Deleted some posts. Christ on a bike, ladies, this is the "Quotes Thread", not the "My Reaction To Someone's Quote Thread".
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(26 Sep 14, 12:06PM)Vanquish Wrote: god damn, i love draul :D

I love him too

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YesWeCamp Wrote:Well this topic summarizes ac forums. Someone hating on ac forums, then saying: oh look at me now I will leave. An important poll, spamming in Spanish, Marti, the 'we need a new version of AC' topic, a reaction to the first post (wrong section Vanquish, you're ontopic :)) smileys, fake-smileys, ExodusS hating on it. Best thread so far on this forum.
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(26 Sep 14, 07:17PM)Marti Wrote: Nicki Minaj's ass is more real than WWE
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1Cap Wrote:We are all equal. No matter the country. I could create my own MasterServer. I could create several clans. I could create a greater community that the official community. I have a lot of resources. But that's not the point. The official community deserves the game. They created and should have the credits. We should all take care of the game. We are a community. This is our strength. This is AssaultCube.
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The problem with translators:
Quote:<18:43:58> "[+f0r3v3r+] 我們講英語遺憾": 我們講英語遺憾
Althought the grammar is still bad, it sounds like he's trying to say, "Let's talk about the English-language pity." or "Let's talk about the regret of the English language"

Context: My w00p ts3 name is咱講台語就好啦 or "Let's just speak Taiwanese"
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jamz Wrote:Oh, my life, people. What's not to get?
Don't post quotes from PM's unless you know it's OK with the person who PM'd you. Do you know what that 'P' stands for?
And stop turning this into a discussion thread; it ain't.
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Sorry DamDam. Can't remember where I found these screenshots, but they amused me. :D

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[Image: o1roLdm.jpg]
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Quote:Hahahahaha damdam mvp
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[13:35] <Pi_1Cap> Older and more experienced people certainly were sad. We know what this really means.
[13:36] <Pi_1Cap> But kids ... kids just want to play with their toys.
[13:36] <Pi_1Cap> see my name? im red
[13:37] <{BoB}Moto> ?
[13:38] <Pi_1Cap> In time you will learn to know people by what they do and not by what they say ...
[13:38] <Pi_1Cap> no hope here
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[15:11] <+Pi_1Cap>
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K m8.
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'Ignore all the people that are hating on brazilians'

Okay then 1cap, i guess you didnt read it qq
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