The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
Making fun of server n00bs:
<^Lightning^> My IP is
<^Lightning^> What's yours?
<^Lightning^> :P
<Brahma> i have fixed ip... sorry
<Brahma> :P
<^Lightning^> :(
<^Lightning^> I bought a VPS
<^Lightning^> for $400
<Brahma> :O
<^Lightning^> Now tell me how I use.
<^Lightning^> :P
<Brahma> :DDDDD
<^Lightning^> Oh btw
<^Lightning^> I don't have a computer
<^Lightning^> And don't speak english
<^Lightning^> and don't want to download ASsaultCube
<Brahma> man... you are evil today
<^Lightning^> :P
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#xuclan on gamesurge

[00:42] <Lightning> roscoe is from the same city as XFA
[00:42] <Lightning> Undead is aussie.
[00:42] <DrauL> Undead does to school with XFA -_-
[00:42] <Lightning> Isn't XFA american?
[00:42] <HUNTSMAN> no

Ahhh! Ignorance xD

[01:39] <Foo> define hard drugs
[01:39] <iOD|HUNTSMAN> panadol
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[18:32:10] <DrauL> Lightning, please wait. Drakas is doing some hardcore coding right now. Please leave a message after the beep. ;)
[18:32:21] <Lightning> :P
[18:32:31] -*- DrauL beeps
[18:33:09] <Lightning> DRAKAS YOU IZ PWNZOR
[18:33:13] <Lightning> ANND XU TO ZE BOT
[18:33:17] <Lightning> THANKS MAN
[18:33:22] <Lightning> YOU IS AWESOME
[18:33:24] <Lightning> YO YO YO
[18:33:30] <Lightning> PEACE TO ALL
[18:33:39] <Lightning> LEGALISE WEED!
[18:33:40] <IAF|Lucas> !kb Lightning
[18:33:44] <Lightning> *beep*
[18:33:44] <DrauL> Dude, lower the TSOR level
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Most EPIC day on IRC EVER:

<iR4zor> One Two Three
<-* SpamServ has kicked iR4zor from #xuclan (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)
<Drakas> GAY SpamServ
<-* SpamServ has kicked Drakas from #xuclan (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)
<Lightning> Try saying IAF|Lucas
<IAF|Lucas> lol
--> iOD|HUNTSMAN ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v iOD|HUNTSMAN by ChanServ
<IAF|Lucas> A
<IAF|Lucas> AA
--> iR4zor ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v iR4zor by ChanServ
<IAF|Lucas> AAA
--> Drakas ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v Drakas by ChanServ
<IAF|Lucas> AAAA
<-* SpamServ has kicked IAF|Lucas from #xuclan (Your message contains too many capitalized letters.)
<Lightning> LOL
<Drakas> LOL
<iR4zor> Lolx
--> IAF|Lucas ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v IAF|Lucas by ChanServ
<Drakas> huh?
<DrauL|Chores> Caps scan is off
<IAF|Lucas> this channel sucks lool
<Drakas> doesn't kick me
<Lightning> Say iOD|HUNTSMAN
<Drakas> LOOL
<Drakas> :|
<DrauL|Chores> Caps scan is off
<DrauL|Chores> xDD
<Lightning> :)
<DrauL|Chores> Cya soon guys
<Drakas> kekeke
<Drakas> MANHUNT :o
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> oh it is off
<Drakas> manhunts
<Lightning> !k iOD|HUNTSMAN
<-* ChanServ has kicked iOD|HUNTSMAN from #xuclan ((Lightning) Bye.)
<Lightning> Spammer
<Lightning> :P\
--> iOD|HUNTSMAN ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v iOD|HUNTSMAN by ChanServ
--> feigling (fei@ling) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v feigling by ChanServ
<Drakas> whoa, an ircop?
<Lightning> Why are so many
rando people joinging suddenly?
<Drakas> deeeep
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> lol feig is irc op
<Drakas>  /whois feigling
<Lightning> Uh oh
<yata> its spamserv's big brother..
<Drakas> somebody did something bad!
<iR4zor> erm
<Drakas> and it wasn't me :)
<iR4zor> That's scary ;)
<Lightning> Is this the same guy who scolded you after you kicked ChanServ?
<iR4zor> Lol ask halo
<yata> spamserv mate im sorry for spamming
<Lightning> It was iOD|HUNTSMAN
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> was not
<Lightning> He was spamming
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> it was yata
<Lightning> SO he kept on getting kicked by SpamServ
<Lightning> I tried stopping him
<Lightning> BUt I'm not allowed to ban people
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> i stopped
<Lightning> I swear
<yata> and failed.
<Drakas> of courrrrseee
<Drakas> good luck ;)
<Lightning> :P
<Drakas> D:
<Lightning> Does he speak english?
<SpamServ> <yata> spamserv mate im sorry for spamming <= prove it! slap yourself!
<yata> NEVER
<iR4zor> LOL
<Drakas> whoa
<Drakas> yata
<SpamServ> DO IT!
<iR4zor> That is freaking new
<Lightning> Dude. Who's that
<yata> make me.
<Drakas> this is fucking amazing
<iR4zor> OMFG
<Lightning> It's DrauL or feigling
<Drakas> stop spamming SpamServ
<iR4zor> I am so glad I am here
<Lightning> It
<Drakas> you just divided by 0
<Drakas> :D
<Lightning> It's not a bot. Deffo
<yata> gline..WTF is that!!
<Lightning> SpamServ: Who are you?
<yata> it is irc god
<-- yata ([email protected]) has quit (G-lined (i told you! (SpamServ)))
-*- Lightning slaps yata
<Lightning> WOAH
<iR4zor> LOL
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slaps yata
<Lightning> DUDe
<IAF|Lucas> wtf
<Lightning> Quotes thread. NOW
--> Shorty ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v Shorty by ChanServ
<Lightning> EPIC
<Drakas> :DD
--> HeaVy ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v HeaVy by ChanServ
<iR4zor> Hold on...
<iR4zor> Is spamserv controllae
<Lightning> DUDE
<SpamServ> now: everybody slap each other!
-*- Lightning slaps Drakas
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slaps Shorty
-*- Drakas slaps SpamServ
-*- Lightning slaps everyone except for feigling
<SpamServ> come on .. dont be shy
-*- iR4zor slaps feigling
<iR4zor> take that
<iR4zor> Fool
<SpamServ> i want to see slaps all over the place!
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slaps R$
<iR4zor> Oh shut
-*- Lightning does SpamServ doggystyle
<SpamServ> eww
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slaps R4
-*- Lightning slaps iR4zor
<Lightning> lol
-*- iR4zor slaps feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling
<feigling> i wonder where yata is :\
-*- iR4zor slaps feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slap |BC|Acropolips
<feigling> it was a 15 seconds gline
-*- iR4zor slaps feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling
-*- iR4zor slaps feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling feigling
<Lightning> This is quotes thread shit
<Lightning> lol
<Lightning> He's on Quakenet
<iOD|HUNTSMAN> yata is banned from irc
--> LiFe ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v LiFe by ChanServ
--> Majikal ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v Majikal by ChanServ
--> mib_12isnm ([email protected]) has joined #xuclan <---- yata
*** Mode #xuclan +v mib_12isnm by ChanServ
<feigling> there he is :p
<Lightning> Why iz everyone hear?
-*- iOD|HUNTSMAN slaps LiFe
<Majikal> gayness :T
<-- Majikal ([email protected]) has left #xuclan
--> DES|Halo (DES_Halo@DES|Halo.youre-currently-packeting-localhost.gamesurge) has joined #xuclan
*** Mode #xuclan +v DES|Halo by ChanServ
<mib_12isnm> wtf just happened to me
<LiFe> i was sure about maji lol
-*- LiFe slaps iOD|HUNTSMAN
<mib_12isnm> wtf happened to me

You had to be there
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Quote:<DES|Bukz>i'm about to go get food with the gj :P
GJ Bukz!
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Quote:[18:08] <@flowtron> HTML is not a coding language, I keep needing to tell people that
[18:08] <@flowtron> it's pure MARKUP
[18:08] <|Blitz|Arsehole> o really? :D
[18:08] <Gibtop> YA RLY
[18:09] * BCFHaerkefiende is developed in C/AL
[18:09] <@flowtron> even CSS isn't coding, unless you use some of those funky MS expression-stuff.
[18:09] <BCFHaerkefiende> I´m a business application! :D
[18:10] <@flowtron> B2B, prestigious!
[18:10] * Gibtop slaps BCFHaerkefiende
[18:10] <BCFHaerkefiende> Suicide.NEXT();
[18:10] <BCFHaerkefiende> Suicide.COMMIT();
[18:10] <BCFHaerkefiende> :P
[18:12] <^Lightning^> HTML is markup.
[18:12] <BCFHaerkefiende> <flowtron> HTML is not a coding language, I keep needing to tell people that
[18:12] <BCFHaerkefiende> <flowtron> it's pure MARKUP
[18:12] <|Blitz|Arsehole> i could write something nice in php/tcl/c#
[18:13] <|Blitz|Arsehole> and even in vb6 or
[18:13] <BCFHaerkefiende> <?php echo "c# sucks"; ?>
[18:13] <|Blitz|Arsehole> Console.WriteLine("C# does not suck!");
[18:14] <BCFHaerkefiende> MsgBox("It does")
[18:14] <|Blitz|Arsehole> MessageBox.Show("It does not ;)");
[18:14] <|Blitz|Arsehole> i love it
[18:14] <BCFHaerkefiende> cout<<"I hate it";
[18:15] <|Blitz|Arsehole> puts "why?"
[18:15] <Gibtop> Social engineering is FTW

Sad humor at it's best. :D
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(12 Jul 10, 11:43AM)Mr.Floppy Wrote: I like to paint my balls.

Sorry 'bout that. ;)

<Lightning> JEFF IS IN DA HOUSE!
<Lightning> Yo DJ, Spin  that shit
<Lightning> My boy Jeff just joined the house
<Lightning> DedicatedEliteSoldiers and there ain't no spouse
<Lightning> We're gonna rock this channel
<Lightning> wake the block up
<Lightning> If you ain;t awake then you probly shot up
--> iR4zor ([email protected]) has joined #DedicatedEliteSoldiers
*** Mode #DedicatedEliteSoldiers +o iR4zor by ChanServ
<ChanServ> [iR4zor] [Mai Mee Tur] Ask Brahma, Drakke, I think these are devs but I'm not sure...
*** Mode #DedicatedEliteSoldiers +v iR4zor by BR
<Lightning> Liiked my rap?
<Lightning> He's got a killer strapped down.
<Lightning> A DE in his belt
<Lightning> You better watch out
<Lightning> Or he'll  call MorganKell
<Lightning> OH!
<Lightning> WooT!
<Lightning> So DES|Godsmack liked my rap?
--> |TaS_djogli ([email protected]) has joined #DedicatedEliteSoldiers
*** Mode #DedicatedEliteSoldiers +v |TaS_djogli by ChanServ
<DES|Godsmack> YO YO YO
<DES|Godsmack> check out my New Grill \0/
<Lightning> Make me some chicken. and a beer chilled
<Lightning> Fry this fry that
<Lightning> M*therfucker you're gonna burn that!
<Lightning> P
<Lightning> :P*
<DES|Godsmack> lol
<Lightning> hehehe
<Lightning> I'm just too good :P
<DES|Godsmack> your whites coming thru
<Lightning> Shall I continue?
<DES|Godsmack> be my guest
<Lightning> I gotta stick to you
<Lightning> Like Super glue
<Lightning> I got fevikwik
<DES|Godsmack> i never knew
<Lightning> So don't act lick
<Lightning> slick*
<DES|Godsmack> how that shiiiiiiiiiiiiii-t worked
<DES|Godsmack> stick here stick there
<DES|Godsmack> all up in the air
<Lightning> Put your hands up!
<DES|Godsmack> say HEY
<DES|Godsmack> say YO
<Lightning> Hey!
<Lightning> Yo!
<DES|Godsmack> 80's rap
<Lightning> SAY OMGWTFBBQ!

Edited Medusa out
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Quote:[11:28:43] <kinggkobraa> knock! knock! who is here?
[11:28:49] <MisterFloppy> its me, wondering why you not naked.
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MakkE Wrote:Zomg has a point here actually.
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When talking about DES|V-Man and V-Wifey vacationing near Bukz:
Quote:<DES|Godsmack>they are thinking of having a 3-some
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(08 Jul 10, 11:24AM)François Wrote: [Image: ve4403.jpg]
stop being active !

amialoser = [

say Am I a loser? $arg1

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(13 Jul 10, 11:33PM)RandumKiwi Wrote:
(13 Jul 10, 09:12AM)Mr.Floppy Wrote: I like the stretching! :)

me too
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Anarchists conversation with himself.
[20:04] <Anarchist> Anarchist!
[20:05] <Anarchist> What?
[20:05] <Anarchist> What are you doing?
[20:05] <Anarchist> Nothing why?
[20:05] <Anarchist> Oh, just wondering..
[20:05] <Anarchist> What do you want?
[20:05] <Anarchist> :D, remember what you said ealier?
[20:05] <Anarchist> Uh.....
[20:05] <Anarchist> REMEMBER??
[20:05] <Anarchist> No.. sorry
[20:05] <Anarchist> oh ok, I'm gonna go play ac nnow.
[20:05] <Anarchist> Ok I'll come with.
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Oh!.. you! xD
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Quote:* DES|V-Man summons a level 7 Godsmack, Laptop element
*** Godsmack_Laptop (x.x.x.x) joined
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23:19    Impaktd> !kb _viper i am admin
23:19    +++ ChanServ has taken voice from _Viper
23:19    *** _Viper was kicked by ChanServ ((Impaktd) i am admin)
23:19    !!! You have been kicked from #one-chat
23:20    You are banned from the channel #one-chat
that was Undead btw jsyk
One-chat definitely is the shit.

Later in ACWC

Waagner> hello
23:24    Waagner> i am the greatest player in AC
23:24    Waagner> where do i lead the BR team?
23:24    Waagner> no
23:25    _Viper> if you are you must go to one-chat and tell undead to f*** off and come back unbanned. this is your quest
23:25    Waagner> where do i lead the earth team?
23:25    Waagner> i am the greatest player in AC
23:25    _Viper> if you are you must go to one-chat and tell undead to f*** off and come back unbanned. this is your quest
23:25    Waagner> and you mad bro?
23:25    Waagner> and you mad bro?
23:25    Waagner> and you mad bro?
23:25    Waagner> and you mad bro?
23:25    _Viper> no.
23:25    Waagner> and you mad bro?
23:25    _Viper> that is the quest you must do in order to be AC's greatest player
23:25    *** Waagner is now known as Waagner_
23:25    *** Waagner_ is now known as Waagner
23:25    *** Waagner quit (EOF from client) [email protected]
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unarmed(15) called a vote: kick player unarmed(3)
unarmed: f1 he stole my name
vote passed
player unarmed(3) disconnected
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Alien Wrote:gl in AC communisty :)
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Quote:<harps>you ever seen someone with downs syndrome?
<harps>or a man with a giant tumor instead of a hand, making it inoperable for use
<Gibstick>Rowan has Downs syndrome? O.o
<harps>it's been suspected in the community for some time now
<harps>it's so good his real life friends, such as yan and zara don't mention it to him. so caring
<harps>good player, though i hear he's drifted away from ac in my absence :)
<Gibstick>He drifted away from YOU.
<harps>kleenex moment
Quote:<asarch>I have three words for ya: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!
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RandumKiwi Wrote:I imagine the conversation went something like this:

*TheCreama rings his ISP*

TheCrema: "Hey, um, I can't connect to all these servers and stuff, what's going on?"
ISP: "Oh hai, for yr security, we be blockin' all unused p0rt holez yo! Cuz most internetz users, they b n00bz fo' shure and don't need all 'dem p0rt holez yo! Also, we suspectz j00 of illegal torrentz y0!"
TheCrema: "Huh... just fix my f**king net"
ISP: "K yo! All fixed!"
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This was good.
He left cuz the nade spam.
[Image: imagen1n.png]
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***** in r|D CH in G-Surges

17:52 <TSOR> !8 ball arf arf arf arf arf arf art
17:52 <ChanServ> TSOR: It is decidedly so.
17:53 <art> !8ball is TSOR gay? xD
17:53 <ChanServ> art: Sure. Yeah. Exactly.
17:53 <art> ahahahahahhaha xD
17:53 <TSOR> !8 ball arf arf art like a dog
17:53 <ChanServ> TSOR: Reading foggy -- try again later.
17:53 <TSOR> !8 ball 8 ball ur mom fuck u
17:53 <ChanServ> TSOR: Sure. Yeah. Exactly.
17:53 <art> eheheheheheh xD
17:53 <art> !8 ball u like to fuck TSOR?
17:53 <ChanServ> art: Can this question wait? I'm eating my lunch.
17:54 <art> fail xD
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I lol'd @
but i know your draul so ofcourse everyone will belive you and everyones going to say im the idiot in this situation, so whatever.
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Quote:[13:49:20] <BCFHaerkefiende> we could try it again, Elise , but pls let me have a shower first xD
Quote:<BCFH|aerkefiende>you can be glad that I´m only teasing and don´t strip to it ^^
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Quote:*** Undead is now known as frit0
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Quote:<[USA3]V-Man> <3 jAcKRoCk
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Immediately after USA3's win over Mexico in the ACWC:

Quote:<+acwc> [USA3]V-Man says: '+1 for the Border Patrol'
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Quote:[16:38:14] <harpsharps> i am quite excited
[16:38:47] <harpsharps> but i want to listen to a lot of music, play new ac, pleasure myself (quite frankly) and maybe watch a movie
[16:38:54] <harpsharps> but i have NO TIME AND NO PRIVACY
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<Lightning>    Gotta go get Durex.
<Lightning>    Opps. I mean............. Duracell*
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Quote:<Medusa> that's my secret when it's hot, i do nothing and i wear nothing :)
Not really a secret if you tell me! :-P

Quote:<Woolly> I need to get my RPG on soon
<DES|Hallstrom> Rocket propelled game or role playing grenade?
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