need help finding a map
hey ive been wanting to play this map really bad for a long time, i played it like... a year ago or so, but i dont see it anymore.

i forgot what it was called, i know it was something castle.

but it had a little white castle in the middle of the water on the map, and there were underground tunnels that take u to cla and rvsf side, im trying to explain best i can to see if anyone has it possibly.

the map was a medium sized map, if anyone thinks they know wich map im talking about please let me know :D
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That sounds awesome :D someone give us that map pl0x
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The only maps I know with "castle" are apollo_castle, castle_harbour and ec_castlebeta, but none of them match your description...
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there are a lot of crappy maps that fit this description... oldvillage is one of them, for example...
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Were the tunnels underwater?
I remember a n00b map where there were tunnels underwater to a castle-like object in the middle of the map. Oh-so-boring, it's like a size 8 map but it only uses 20% of its area. XD
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I know attack_the_catsle, doesn't fit the description.

EDIT: Look for it here:
Brahma Wrote:Here you will find the maps of my old server (including a lot of crappy maps that will be automatically blocked in 1.1)
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DES V Man, thats the map! :D do you happen to know the name possibly?
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* V-Man looks
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So where would I find said map?
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Couldn't tell ya...
Haven't seen it since the time you referred to.
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