Server question.....
Howdy all.

Just found out about the game a few days ago, installed it last night, and tried it out for the first time today. I think its absolutly amazing, considering the extremely small download size.

a few questions though, of the first 4 server that I tried, I got kicked off of 4 of them, remarkably fast too. Id have to say it was in the first 15 seconds of joining. Do I have the right version of the game? if not how do I find this out. Is my name no good? It is the one I use here, heh, and everywhere else for that matter?

Any thing else you can think of?

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You're name is allright. It would be nice if you could tell us the servernames if you remember them. I wouldnt worry too much about the client if you got it from the official site (!

It happens quite often that there are people wanting to play a private game and dont know how to set it private and instantly kick everyone else joining, this would be worth a blacklist entry (vote abuse).
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hi :)

if you manage to enter a server where others are playing clan vs clan matches or interclan and forget to set mastermode to private before the game starts, you can get kicked pretty soon.

try to join game in the first minutes (usually 15 or 10 minutes each)

if you use offensive names you can also get "rage-kicked"

and one more thing:

plz don't kill anyone if you see "gema" in the name of the map.

thank you.
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dwel, where you downloading anything in the background? If your ping is too high you will be kicked from a server pretty quickly.
Where you killing teammates? Most servers will autokick after a few teamkills.
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Dwel, were you kicked with a vote, or without a vote?

Because you were kicked in the first 15 secs I'll take it as a kick without a vote or with an admin vote... or a very quick normal vote.

Sometimes I get disconnected for the reason "normal". I'm not entirely sure but I think that means my modem screwed up or something. Can someone clarify this?
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Disconnect for reason "normal" is usually the server shutting down or the server lagging out.
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Awesome, did not expect such a warm welcome, thx =)


If I remember correctly my pings were all < 100.
There were at least 6 people on each one, so it could have been a clan function.
It did seem to fast to be a rage kick, unless it was a clan match.
I usually only use Dwel which is short for Dwel13R, my friends all started calling me Dwel, and it stuck.

Ill try again here in a bit. Im sure ill get it all figured out.


EDIT: What is with the 'gema' map name no kill thing? Just curious.
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gema is a map where the objective is to get to the end of the map, where there are 2 flags waiting for you to score. There is no killing so that people can get to the end.
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SplatZ, you forgot this part:

'Gema is a stupid made up word for stupid half-ass maps where you supposedly DON'T do the one thing you are meant to in a first-person shooter; shoot.'

and this one:

'Anyone who is commonly found to be jumping from floating barrel to floating barrel in a purple-lit, tile-walled room, aught to type /suicide.'
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True dat boy. :p

Well I won't judge you gema players but getting back on topic...

Dwel, welcome to the AC community, we're mostly friendly (:p) and it's nice to hear you like the game so far. Some (there are tons more that are fun!) servers that might be more fun to play on are ones hosted by Clans like w00p, TyD, NZ, DES, MyS, BC etc. also ladders that say they are @hi-skill are nice to play on too.

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Also, on a side note: while gema maps are "technically" "no-kill" maps (it's like an obstacle course or something), there is no rule against this so if you find killing in gemas fun and don't mind the little grief you're inflicting on others, help yourself. Of course, if you happen to do this on a server that's dedicated to gemas, the admin may not be amused and blacklist you...
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Sounds like you were kicked by an admin. Sounds like someone didn't like your ping or you version, but if you want to make sure just type;
If you dont get something looking like 1040 or 1041, then you should download the client again (an updated version)
*anyone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm right though*
Version seems like a bad reason to get kicked though
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Having "1001" version is for me a good reason to be kicked.
Sure it's not with "1002".
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1041 is the latest version. You should always get the latest version, favourites came in 1.0.4, and the "shoot slow on low FPS bug" was also fixed.
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... and many players using older versions are cheaters :/
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I downloaded it straight from the site. so I think I have the current revision. It almost feels like an auto kick, unless there is a setting that i have goofed up that makes the server drop me.
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Dwel, on wich server did it happen ?
And, when you have downloaded and installed AC, you have to download and install a patch (AssaultCube_v1.0.4) to get the latest version. :)
To check if you have the last version, type the command Ronald_Reagan told you (/version) and tell us what it displays.
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I'm actually curious where the word "gema" comes from.
Anyway, welcome to AC!
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I always guessed that it was an acronym like "grenades" - "evade" - "movement" - "arena" or something. xD

Welcome! Hf gl :)
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Quite clearly, the name comes from the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority
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You are welcome.

For infos about playing on the Tear you Down! ladder:

For infos about playing on our servers in general:

You can find more info in the AC wiki and of course in our forum/site:

Have fun
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(30 Jun 10, 04:55PM)Bukz Wrote: I always guessed that it was an acronym like "grenades" - "evade" - "movement" - "arena" or something. xD

Welcome! Hf gl :)
Huh, thats a very clever guess. (or maybe your right idk :P)
Welcome dwel, I personally am leaning more to the idea that there is something about your ping that is auto kicking you. If the problems persists and it is happening in every server you go to that would be my guess.
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Most likely your ping, go to the server list, if all of the pings are really high, then its your ping.
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dwel - if you only got the 1.0-installer your version is buggy; unless you are on a Macintosh you will have gotten the base installer for 1.0 and need to patch it 1.0.4 by hand from
AC v1.0 files & patches.
Assuming your are on Windows (people who don't mention their OS mostly are) you can get the AC 1.0.4-patch for Windows.
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