Hi all !

This is the first version of this map.

[Image: gifpresentation1.gif]
Name : ac_warehouse
Type: as you like :lol:
Make by: Sp!d3R
Donwload: Mediafire or Akimbo


Size: 8
Player start: 12 CLA / 12 RVSF / 40 FFA
Flags: 1 CLA / 1 RVSF
Sound: 20
Clips: 6

Some problems with the wqd in some places (more 12 000).

This map is in Build

I hope you like it.

Now DL & Comment :D

PS : Don't make any attention for the Mac file .
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Fix your packaging, please. The _MACOSX is not the only problem. The first directory within the zip should be packages, not something like ac_warehouse. Secondly, the filename of the cfg contains an uppercase W (ac_Warehouse.cfg), which prevents it from working on UNIX systems (can't imagine how that worked on your Mac...)
As you said yourself, WQD is very high in some places. That roof in the big hall/workshop/whatever looks cool, but I think that's what causes the high WQD. And 560 mapmodels...

Now, other than that, I must say I like this map. This industrial/mine theme is my favorite. +1 for the double ladders - better for the fools like me who tend to miss ladders and get shot ;)
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It looks awesome. Any custom media?

Can I pl0x has your armor skin?
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@ tempest

I don't understand but when users of other OS unzip the file, other files appear.
When I unzip I don't have any probleme.
Maybe some Mac User can help me.
For the roof of the shed, I try many different heights, but if I fall over, it no longer look like what I wanted.
Do you really count the number of mapmodels? :O

And Ty

@ Lighting

I just add the Warning light of DES|Cleaner
For the armor Skin I don't understand... You speak about Kevlar ?
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how long did it take you to make this?
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WOW this is a really sweet looking map!
that big 'warehouse' area with the broken glass roof is amazing!!

you got some really sweet idea's in this map and hopefully you can fix up a few things like the WQD (though i dont get any problems, others are) and i think you need a little help with the lighting..

With cleaners warning lights, is there anyway to flip them and place on the roof?
and to get rid of the MAXOS files you need a real zipper, i use Yemuzip which does the job ;)
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Yeah the kevlar.

THe double ladders are awesome btw. I always fall off while strafing.
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Come to me on TS & we can play it togheter some time :)
I didnt know u were such a good mapper noob :d
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@ Bad_P1zza:

I don't remember the exact time but I was started in mid February with a break of one month and a half.


WQD and the lights are all my problem.
I also think rework some place and remove some mapmodels

@ Lighting :

My kevlar skin is this one :
[Image: skinh.jpg]
I think you did it already.

@ BurN. :

No problems :P

THX for Comment
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I tried to play it on [~TgS~ NE2] and the server had a different map.
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Maybe an other player build an other map with the same name.

UP: I just edit the link with a Zip buy "YEMUZIP" (THX yata)

I hope it's good now.
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wow i like nice work
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