Can you change the default songs
I was wondering if you make you own songs for AC
If you can I also need to know how to convert them to WAV.
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I have an Akimbo post that answers your question!
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cool but i still need to know how to make some songs into wav.
vary nice download by the way
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Just open it with a sound editing program like audacity or such and go to "File -> Export" or "File -> Save as"
Then save it as .ogg or .wav
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Hey V-Man that link you gave me
I clicked download but it said that it "could not be found"
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WTF... Where did it go?
* V-Man scrambles to find another place to host it
Sorry for the noob hosting. Maybe Akimbo didn't like the file size.
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thanks man
btw, thanks Slow
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Yeah, I was looking for that file too, because I wanted to hear your band. :)
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