Sky changing and rotating
Hello everyone

I am making a new map and i would like to use a new skymap for this map. i have managed to get it into the map, but i cannot save it, so everytime i reopen map the default sky showes up. Can anyone plz tell me, how can i save sky to the map, becouse i know it is possible, since ac_mines has different sky?

Is there a way to rotate mapmodels not just vertically but also horrizontaly? if there is a way, can someone plz tell me how?

Tnx for all replies.
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When you place a mapmodel, its horizontal rotation is determined by your own rotation.

I don't know the first thing about skymaps...
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I was wondering as well. It says to check the docs for information on how to do it, but I can't find anything about it.
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As if you read them at all,
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I tried that, Gibstick. It still didn't work for me.
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So whats not working for you? It will work if your reading and doing it correctly.

Skymaps have to be saved into your map config. So open up your maps folder find the right .cfg file and find these lines; I'll just copy and paste for you to see.
Quote:// The skymap for this map. You can change this by commenting the one below, and then uncommenting one of your choosing
// Alternatively, you can add your own into "packages/textures/skymaps" and use it as below.

loadsky "textures/skymaps/steini/steini4" // Comment this if you want to use a different skymap.

// loadsky "textures/skymaps/steini/steini2"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/steini/steini3"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/makke/rocky"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/makke/mountain"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/iceflow/iceflow"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/ladynighthawk/inhcanyons1"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/socksky/nightball"
// loadsky "textures/skymaps/socksky/grave"

Now since yours is custom, make your own path to the file and delted/comment the default skymap. This is at least how you used to do it, pretty sure nothing like this can be done ingame still.
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i can get my pictures to see them, but when i send map to my brother he doesn't see them, although he has them at same location as i do. even when i restart the map, i again see the default sky instead of my custom sky. i have also tried to save map after i've loaded sky but its all the same. so what else should i do beside /loadsky "blah/blah/blah" to keep my sky attached to map?
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There isn't an alternative, just do it right and your golden. Have you gone into your cfg and did what was suggested(you don't type it ingame)?
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well yeah but here is where i get stuck again. i can't locate my maps .cfg file. i only see package and lots of backups. do i have to do stg to get it's .cfg or do i have to write it or actually edit the default one?
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In the AC directory there is a "config" folder. In this folder is a "default_map_settings.cfg" file. Copy this file into the folder where your map is located and re-name it "my_map.cfg" (replace my_map with the name of your map, of course). You can then edit this file to apply permanent changes to the map.
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oh ive now tried copying the defaul one and renamed it into my maps name and configured and this works now XD
thank a lot guys... will also edit when i try and send it to my brother to see if he get's the same sky out of this

again thanks a lot XD
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