Poll: do tkers deserve a kick or ban first?
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guy banned but comes back
Good day all, hopefully this is the right forum to post this in. I was playing on server ip: ej3416.de ranking test server... there was a player called psighost there shooting teamies so i voted him off. he rejoins and carries on. i vote him off again and he comes back so i vote banned him. not even 10 minutes later he's back and im unable to vote for anything. 1st can someone tell me how to report this user coz the way he acted is unacceptable. I'm surprised that if an admin did unban him that he even listened to this guy. I've been an admin and to unban someone is a lengthy process since you can unban someone causing problems and it upsets players. 2nd how do i get voting rights again?
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I believe that it depends on the server owner how much the ban time stands for. It might have been set to 10 minutes so no problem there. I also, sometimes, find I can no longer vote after having been able before, but I really don´t know why that happens. To report a user go to this thread: but before doing so, in-game, type
/whois "client number here"
to see the I.P of the player. Then read the thread description to report properly.
Hope i helped.
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There is a vote spam filter, but really if the vote succeeds you shouldn't get caught up by that :P
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The servers are weird lately, I don't know what's been done to them on the back end but sometimes if I want to voteban someone as a normal user the server will return "denied your call" unless they've done something very recently; e.g., I have to wait to submit the /ban until right after they teamkill someone again.
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I think TKers should be rewarded for their bravery under fire. They selflessly offer up their lives as they pump their bullets into unsuspecting teammates. It is a sacrifice worthy of The Remembrance (message V-Man for details).
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Happens to me ALL the time.

You will see a guy with -3 kills and 20 deaths.
/kick CN "team killer - look at score"
Then like 3 people F1 and 1 person F2s. vote failed.
Then people in the game after go "kick XXX, he's TKing people." FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU
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"I've been an admin and to unban someone is a lengthy process" (no)
Perhaps the tkr' has admin on the server or is friends with owner, so don't play there if they play dirty pool.


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