$iggywiggys introduction
Hey guys, I have been playing since november 9, 2010 (i played before than, but thats when i really got into the game). I enjoy losing to a lot of you, and thought it was about time I register here :D. if your ever in a match with me and i start saying ns after every time you kill me, its because im nervous, so sorry for it. I've done a little mapping, my best map is kz_desert, and i have made quite a few gemas in AC, (another_minute_gemas). thnx for your time :)
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Welcome to the forums!
Hope you enjoy your stay!
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I am going crazy trying to find the initial declaration of alias iggywiggy now. ;_;
* V-Man just makes it up:
alias iggywiggy [at (ac_forum) $welcome]
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Long time no see man.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.
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Hi there fella! Thanks for the amazing gema maps! See ya in-game!
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Hey bro.
They let you in TR yet?
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Hello $iggywiggys!

Nice nickname there! :D
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ty Andrez, and I am kinda in /TR\, imc lol. They have quite the recruitement policy. im in the final stage of recruitement or "training with tag". pretty much see how i act with the tag on, and make sure i dont do anything too bad with it on(mostly just that i dont troll).
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Wow, u started playing ac on meh birthday lol
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Happy fraggin and nada spammin!
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