If you can search the console for messages like "You fragged x", "You scored for your team", and "You were fragged by x" then you should be able to.
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then all you would have to do would be to research the scoring methods of each ladder and then input the formula.
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The formula isn't public for the HI SKILL servers, unlike TyD's. You could do that with some scripting knowledge.
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if you know the right people it is... :)

Quote: He's running numbers out of the back of the CLA base"
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The problem is, AFAIK, this is not possible with just cubescript and won't be in 1.1 either. Maybe future versions though. :)

(according to flowtron)
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Bukz Wrote:If anyone does know who the original author of that script is, I'd like to give them credit for it on the tutorial we are writing.
I thought I remembered getting it from Ruthless?
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by grenadier.
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//-- find up to 3 players in servers automatically
finddelay = [if (> (listlen $arg1) 0) [alias findelay $arg1]]
findelay = 7
find = [updatefrommaster; if (> (listlen $arg2) 0) [tmpfind2 = $arg2; argfind2 = 1]; if (> (listlen $arg3) 0) [tmpfind3 = $arg3; argfind3 = 1]; searchnickname $arg1; if (= $argfind2 1) [sleep (* $findelay 1000) [searchnickname $tmpfind2; if (= $argfind3 1) [sleep (* $findelay 1000) [searchnickname $tmpfind3; clearfind]] [clearfind]]]]
clearfind = [tmpfind2 = 0; tmpfind3 = 0; argfind2 = 0; argfind3 = 0]
docsection [Custom]; docident [find] [find multiple strings online]; docargument [A] [first tag] [] [0]; docargument [B] [second tag (optional)] [] [0]; docargument [C] [third tag (optional)] [] [0]; docremark [use /finddelay x to specify number of seconds before next search]
not really that useful.. but, you never know, someone somewhere might find it interesting..
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My first script without help :D
rdmmde = ["2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "9" "10" "11" "13" "14" "15"]
randommode = [mode (at $rdmmde (rnd 11)); map ($arg1)]

Using "/randommode ac_mines" will vote ac_mines on a random mode.
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can someone make a script what show how many players are online .
if it is possible :)
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That would be cool... in a way :D
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//Not mine. Found at
alias gun_names "knife pistol shotgun subgun sniper assault grenade akimbo"
alias my_gun_state [
    concat I am carrying the (at $gun_names (curweapon)) with (magcontent (curweapon)) rounds loaded of (magreserve (curweapon)) total
bind HOME [ say "%" (my_gun_state) ]
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//Not mine.
alias gun_names "Katana Watergun Shitgun Bullet_diarrhoea Gibcannon EMPTY-57 Potatomasher Dual-waterguns"
alias my_gun_state [
    concat I need support. I am carrying the (at $gun_names (curweapon)) with (magcontent (curweapon)) SV_SHOOT's loaded of (magreserve (curweapon)) total
bind HOME [ say "%" (my_gun_state) ]
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Is it possible to add health there?
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There is no cubescript variable for health. Anti-cheat, y0.
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If anyone is interested I am now holding a Script Contest with three categories:

Anyone may enter any number of scripts into any/all of three categories.
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It redirects to your main forum page...
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That might be because you're not registered, I guess. Links fine to me.
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Can someone make me a script like the knifeattack script for the pistol?
Scroll down once to switch to pistol. Scroll again for primary. Not the pistol change script but a scroll MOUSE5 script. Thanks!
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bind "MOUSE5" [if (= (curweapon) (currentprimary)) [secondary] [primary]]
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Works great. Thanks! Now i just have to get used to it

One more thing. Whats the script for binding special action (scope)?
/bind KEY ??
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bind "MOUSE2" [altaction]

TY Bukz
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what DrauL said except for [altaction]
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irc:// - Web IRC Client (No installations necessary.)

silly DrauL :P

Mod edit: Added gamesurge link for noobfriendliness (and some BBC because R4 was lazy) :P
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^For instant relief from your scripting aches and pains. XD
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i need a way to destory CiD AFK script found on the first page...
it is so annoying for everyone in my server, me included

if it can be fixed, so that it works after 5 mins or something
or can stop it working!

ps: i think its because i want to get rid of it and on win, you would delete saved.cfg right? but im on mac and...dont have this file..
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yata, #CubeScript @ Gamesurge.
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alias stbots [
numbots = $arg1; skillbots = $arg2; teambots = (div $numbots 2)
if (= (curteam 0)) [claplayer = 1; rvsfplayer = 0] [rvsfplayer = 1; claplayer = 0]
addnbot (- $teambots $rvsfplayer) RVSF $skillbots; addnbot (- $teambots $claplayer) CLA $skillbots

Auto-create bots script for AC 1.0.4 by DES|Bukz (debug help from R4zor)
Typing /stbots 10 bad while in a bot compatible TEAM mode will fill the map with 9 other bots and assign their teams evenly (4 for your team - 5 for the other).

Some optional in-game documentation stuff you could add to your autoexec.cfg or docs.cfg:

docsection [Misc]
docident [stbots] [Adds multiple bots to a map.];
docremark [Automatically adds the specified number of bots to the map, and assign their teams evenly.];
docargument [N] [Total number of bots to add.] [] [0];
docargument [S] [Skill level of the bots. (best, good, medium, worse OR bad)] [] [0];
docexample [stbots 10 bad] [Result: 4 bots assigned to your team, 5 bots assigned to the enemy team.];

Screeny of the in-game docs:

Enjoy! :)
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-- and
//-- map love/hate/IDC script, after installing make sure to type /clearmaps ingame
//-- by R4zor
maps = [echo 2~   Your thoughts on maps you have been on   ~; if (> (listlen $mapthoughts) 0) [mapthoughts] [echo none! - type /love /hate or /ind on a map to try this!]; echo 2~   end]
hate = [mapslisted = (concat $mapslisted (curmap)); mapthoughts = (concat $mapthoughts echo (concatword 3 (curmap)) 5is a map I "hate;"); echo map (curmap) added as 3hated]
love = [mapslisted = (concat $mapslisted (curmap)); mapthoughts = (concat $mapthoughts echo (concatword 0 (curmap)) 5is a map I "love;"); echo map (curmap) added as 0loved]
ind = [mapslisted = (concat $mapslisted (curmap)); mapthoughts = (concat $mapthoughts echo (concatword 4 (curmap)) 5is a map I don't give a %&#@ "about;"); echo map (curmap) added as 4indifferent]
clearmaps = [mapthoughts = ; mapslisted = ]
docsection [Custom]
docident [clearmaps] [ 3WARNING! 5 This will delete all stored map thoughts!]
docident [hate] [Stores the current map as 3hated.]
docident [love] [Stores the current map as 0loved.]
docident [ind] [Stores the current map as 4indifferent.]
docident [maps] [Lists all recorded thoughts about maps.]
Good and bad map recorder. While on a map you can type /love, /hate or /ind to record your thoughts of the map. To play back all maps you have recorded type /maps. Currently unable to tell if you have put in the map before. If for some reason you want to use this, type /clearmaps ingame once after installing.
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