I'm pretty sure with the course of ac 1.1 that they're going to kill the sniper pistol combo soon anyway (a really stupid move imo) so I wouldn't use the sniper pistol combo anymore tbh.
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I'm pretty sure they won't be killing anything. The devs have mentioned multiple times that with the sniper's reduced damage it will require two pistol shots to kill and unarmored enemy. I doubt the sniper+pistol combo is going anywhere.

Unless that's what you meant by killing it.
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That is what I meant by killing it. The charm of the sniper pistol combo was that it was one sniper shot, one pistol shot. Not one sniper shot, two pistol shot. In the time it takes to land that extra shot you could have easily missed or the opponent could have killed you.
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bind "MOUSE1" [attack; sleep 1000 [suicide]]
That'll serve you better than using a non-Brahma-approved script.
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Wait so im not allowed to use it?
lol DES V-Man didn't work out so great on the hi-skill ladder :P I was like -8 and 8.
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"Wait so im not allowed to use it?"
=> Nope.
"lol DES V-Man didn't work out so great on the hi-skill ladder :P I was like -8 and 8."
=> I doubt it since in those servers when you get to about -4 or -5 you disconnect, so I don't know how you got that :P
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I was on the NZ server Kiwi.
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Soooooo, DES|V-Man, I think I might blame you for my horrible score in some matches I've played recently. My score didn't go negative because I was actually good enough to get headshots.
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Whenever you see someone suggesting you to bind something to MOUSE1, you should really take a minute to try to figure out what exactly it's going to do. Otherwise you'll find yourself suiciding every second you try to use your weapon. :P

bind "MOUSE1" [attack;

Watch out for that ; - it's sneaky. :D
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I questioned its viability, so I made my own so he didn't sneak anything in there. It went like
bind mouse1 [say [HAHAHAHAHAHA, GOODBYE WORLD]; suicide].
For some reason I kept on gettting kicked out of matches...
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Well you won't get very far without attack; :P
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Yep, thats why I changed it to mouse2 (I changed it to mouse2 btw), its a good way to train to no-scope, not like I already do no-scope (its hard for me to scope with a trackpad).
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lol now that you're mentioning scoping. Don't you just love it when noobs flame at you cause you used scope and they are so proud they don't :D
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What I like is when I'm beating everyone else, and the topic of no-scoping comes up, and I tell them I no-scope, when they do.
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bind mouse1 [say [HAHAHAHAHAHA, GOODBYE WORLD]; suicide]
even work?

Shouldn't it be
bind mouse1 [say "HAHAHAHAHAHA, GOODBYE WORLD"; suicide]
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hello does anyone have a script to zoom with the mouse wheel with qualguer weapon I had this script he tamnho increase the general aim of reducing the distance and the view was just pressed the scroll
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Am i correct V-Man?
Im not very good at scripting. AT ALL. xD
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Your version is the "proper" one DrauL. :)


But I'd use:

bind "MOUSE1" [say "HAHAHAHAHAHA, GOODBYE WORLD"; suicide]
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Well. That will do :P
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Random Alias
//Put all your aliases here that you want to select at random
namelist = "One Two Three Four"
//The number "4" in the next line has to be edited to the number of names in the namelist.
rndname = [name (at $namelist (rnd 4))]

Random Slap
slap = [say slaps ($arg1)(at $randomslap (rnd 6))]

randomslap = ["with a rusty salmon" "with a donkey flop" "with a Sniper Rifle" "with a Cactus" "with a Spleen" ]

Thanks to R4 for helping me learn the random and if commands, and putting up with my noobyness! :D
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Yes, both of those will actually function. Look in the source code -- "" and [] are practically the same in CubeScript. And ; is just used to separate otherwise ambiguous code blocks (I overuse it to give myself a sense of grammar).

bind "MOUSE4" [fov (+ $fov 10)]
bind "MOUSE5" [fov (- $fov 10)]
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V-Man that destroys editing binds.
bind "MOUSE4" [ if $editing [universaldelta 1] [fov (+ $fov 10)] ]
bind "MOUSE5" [ if $editing [universaldelta -1] [fov (+ $fov 10)] ]
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If I thought it actually destroyed them, I'd spew out the binds more carefully.
I just have faith that people know how to make their own editing keybinds.
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(12 Jul 10, 05:57AM)bballn45 Wrote: Can someone tell me the sniper script. Were after shooting it pulls out your pistol automatically?

I made a new script for those of you asking for this one. :P

Nothing personal bbaln, we be cool.

amialoser = [

say Am I a loser? $arg1


type /amialoser [response for your friends to hear]
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!!! EDIT = This script was found in Bukz CubeScript tutorial, though he claims he didn't make it. If you made it please tell me so I can give you some credit :P !!!

If you ever get the "flag bug" (when you can't see the flag), then simply type /reconnect.

// Put the following code into your autoexec.cfg - and use the newly created /reconnect command to quickly disconnect & reconnect to the server that you are currently on. As with any other alias/command, you may bind it to a key.
alias "reconnect" [
if ( = $connected 1 ) [                // We'll learn more about if statements in the next tutorial, but this simply checks to make sure you are connected to a server.
   curserverip = (curserver 1)         // Get the IP of the server you are on.
   curserverport = (curserver 3)       // Get the port of the server you are on.
   disconnect                          // Disconnect
   connect $curserverip $curserverport // Use the info to reconnect to the server.
   echo "You must be connected before you can reconnect!" // Else, warn the user that they must be connected for the script to work properly. This only happens if the if statement above fails - or in plain english - you'll see this warning if you are not connected to a server and try using this script. Don't worry yourself much with if statements now, they can only lead to flustration for a beginner scripter, we need to learn the basics before we go into things such as flow control.
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Yeah, you were right, draul, but it does work, and it was scripting on the fly, mostly because I was in a server by myself and I wanted to do it fast. I didn't think about it as much because I kept on putting a space between mouse and 1 (ie "mouse 1")
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Actually |BC|Wolf, I did not write that script, just used it as a good example of how to interact with servers in CubeScript. If anyone does know who the original author of that script is, I'd like to give them credit for it on the tutorial we are writing. :)
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my script still is the best. :)
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This might be hard or impossibile, but...... Would there be a way to calculate how much points were earned in a ladder (HI-SKILL or TyD's for example) at the end of every match?
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