My Youtube Channel-Ac
Hey guys this is my main youtube channel.

It has a couple Assault Cube vids + Uploading more soon.
Check it out.

Sorry before there weren't many Assault Cube videos. Now I uploaded some more check them out! Subscribe please.
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the vid i found was good :D
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Subbed. :D

nice CoD videos too.
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I like your CoD videos :)
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I can only see CoD videos.
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It's been a while since I could pwn bots that hard with a sniper.
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(06 Aug 11, 11:27PM)BunnySoul Wrote: I can only see CoD videos.

it's the second-to-last video on his uploads lol took me a bit to find it too
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@ V man: Rofl IKR? THat was back in the day man! Dont mess with me now. (JK)
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Sorry guys there is more now.
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Nice vids! Keep it up! :)
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You should really consider toning down the game's graphics so that your fps stays at 60 and doesn't dip. The smoothness helps improve your gameplay a ton. Also knifing when really close is pretty effective on most public servers, it doesn't work on people who have good movement skills/back-away though. Also, try sniper-pistol combo, strafe more and jump more.
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