anybody fakes me
Hello a guy is faked me [HTN]DAV!O(Ger) since 2 weeks
he makes me angry cause he votes bans or kicks, is a teamkiller
first.. we have ban him from our server, but hes is everywhere and makes me bad or my name. ive have screen his ip, and a demo where he is use my name but so [HTN]dav!o(Ger).

the demo:

the screen with the ip from the fake

my english ist not very good, im german. but i hope u can help me.
i see him every day, he speaks italy and i record all demos with him in future and make screens.
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Make a blacklist report. A new thread is not necessary. When you make a new post in the blacklist thread, use this format:

//Ban Date:
I.P. Address
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//Name: PUCCIO
//Reason: Impersonation
//Evidence: // not used since early June

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PERROS, this is not blacklist thread, post it in blacklist thread please?

Mods should close this as soon as possible so we won't have splited blacklist
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Bugboy, PERROS was merely providing details to Dav!o of another Dav!o impersonator - an ex-SoD clan member. Those details came from a post I made on the DES forums; I did not post them here because DES related posts tend to attract the wrong kind of attention. Mods should NOT close this thread, since up until your post, it had attracted nothing off-topic or otherwise irrelevant.
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oh thank you, Jamz
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(22 Jul 11, 08:32PM)jamz Wrote: DES related posts tend to attract the wrong kind of attention.

no way
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[Image: optimum-100-whey-gold-5lb.jpg]
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I put this post here for Davio understood it, and talk to the private post can be closed now:)
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