Is that right ?
Hello, I'm new here in the forum and would like to report something that happened to me just now, I was playing on a server when I had got three or four members of the clan [NOOB] they said I was fake because I'm from the clan [BOPE] and then began trying to kick me from the server saying I was fake, so I called them for a 1vs1 he told me to follow him so I went and he changed the nick, and put the nickname of one of the owners of [BOPE] and told me to leave the clan, then the other [NOOB] took the [NOOB] and put the name [BOPE] is that it is not the clan, began to diss me, and try to kikar, this is right?
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This is harassment.
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Avoid to play with NOOBs.
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Those [NOOB] guys are just mean. They raid and troll a server until an admin comes along. Kinda like me XD
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yes what brahma said..if you want to avoid this play on more respected servers e.g. DES TyD BCFH etc...not jsut ones with tosok and @camper maps
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No need for full stops or anything.

(20 Jul 11, 02:36AM)aFTeRLiFe Wrote: they said I was fake because I'm from the clan [BOPE]
Wait, what?
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Punctuation... please!
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would never have happened on my server.
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You can't even know who is your true leader...
We can not know for you.
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Did you check IP's or are you just guessing he did that?
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