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AssaultCube strategy guide
EDIT: Only take potshots if enemy is not aware/looking at you. If they are, take cover and jump out every now and then for a well aimed shot.

Also carbine is excellent for defending long hallways.
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If your playing douze or another lvl with few corners on DM I have have found that the Carbine is one of the underused weapons. I almost always come first when I use this weapon on douze. It shoots at least twice as fast as the sniper rifile and is much more accurate unless your playing someone who can scope well. It as long as your far away or have the advantage of surpise you should win every time. It doesn't nessesarily work as well on CTF if you want to capture any flags. Use the Assult Rifle.
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Just use the move splash like I do.
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lol Magikarp
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* Lantry used grenade! It hurt itself in it's confusion!
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Err,ac_werk has a glitch,maybe similar to edge jumping.
All you do is jump on rail,and run forward.And jump.My experiance from this seems that it speeds you up a bit for a moment,faster attack!then,pull out an shotty,and blast away!(in a base!)
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ThatDarnMS!: You mean edge jumping? If so, that is already in the strategy guide.
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Basically over the years I’ve developed into a mid field player. I’m not that interested in getting flags anymore preferring support role.

So, I’ve got my own view on playing style and some suggestions for better game play and team support.

1) Don’t crowd around a flag carrier. It may seem as if you’re giving him protection but in effect he/she can’t shoot and more often than not can’t move fast enough because you’re in the way. He/she usually gets killed by own team anyway in the muddle. So, pick a spot to protect him/her that gives them room and gives you a line of fire away from the flag carrier. Given most maps have at least two base entrances cover one and let the flag carrier cover the other. In HTF pretty much the same applies. I can’t count the number of flags I’ve lost because my own team has crowded me into a corner and in the ensuing chaos get either team bled so I’m an easy kill or team killed.

2) Try to leave the pickups for the flag carrier. He/she needs them; you can go elsewhere on the map for yours.

3) I see lots of group rushing at base. That’s fine in theory but the better players have more than one direction of movement (that means they go backwards as well for the more intellectually challenged) Often, experienced players fire a burst and back off to reload or to pick a new target. If you’re trying to get in their shoes (following too close) they have nowhere to go and a great many newer players get all confuzzled at the backward movement (especially the shotgun players who tend to only have one direction of travel when firing) and just blast through the player in front trying to take evasive action trying to avoid incoming fire. It’s easier to understand why a great many experienced players don’t like the shotgunners; it’s not the ones on the other team that are the problem, its your own who are right behind you and suffer form premature firing syndrome.

4) I hear a lot of complaints about the shotgunners in general. Its true we do seem to have quite a few newer players who just hurl themselves at any flag at every opportunity with a shotgun in hand. Sure, you get flags, the odds are for it if you charge at a flag often enough but its not exactly tactical play and in a clan match or a evenly balanced and not overcrowded pub game your just going to die.

5) Don’t defend your own base with nades; the probability is you’ll kill and wound teammates and lose the flag.

6) I’m staggered by the number of players who don’t pick up armour and then wonder if the player they can’t kill is cheating. This seems to be a problem for even some of the experienced players. If you join a busy game and see armour lying about you’re playing noobs basically. Even a single helmet can make the difference between making it a health pack or dying on route.

7) Learn to handle at least two gun weapon types. Not only does this give you alternative styles of play depending on the map, but it also gives you the opportunity to switch weapons mid game. Bind at least two to a single key press.

8) Team bleeders piss me off more than any other aspect of the game. You get them every game it seems; they spawn and start firing (more premature jokes here) Now I know its all very exciting but try to at least wait until you’ve seen an enemy before blasting away. My personal strategy now is I just go back and kill them; hence the higher than average tk rate ;)

9) Thankfully you don’t get them often but they tend to be idiots of the first order, I’m talking about the flashy player who leaves base going backwards firing an A&R. I suppose this is fine when you’ve got the flag but not leaving base, you just wound your own players.

10) Say sorry when you accidentally kill a team mate. It won’t hurt, honest, and players will think better of you for it. Nobody likes the arsehole that team kills and doesn’t apologise.

11) I know with variable ping etc its not always easy but an awful lot of players (usually shotgunners again I'm afraid) have this habit of jumping in front of the line of fire of a backward moving A&R/smg player. Think before you move. Just because a players is going backwards it doesn't mean they're not firing.
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Fantastic! This helped me quite a bit. :)
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