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AssaultCube strategy guide
Added the demo tutorial tip and the assaultcube:// protocol for windows tip.
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looks inefficient...
how about:
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assaultcube:// would be more "protocol-like", according to aerke. He's the one who added it and he will fix it ^^
Right now we're stuck with assaultcube://
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Personally? Carbine tips. Because I love the weapon and want to improve my game.
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Gibby Wrote:Keep your distance and kill quickly. This is one of the slowest weapons to kill, and this weapon would be useless if everyone had 100% accuracy but you stand a chance because no one ever does. If you have 100 armour and health you stand a much greater chance against SMG user, because it will take 800ms to kill you at 100% accuracy. It's also easy to kilsteal with this, as it is easy to aim and it has relatively high damage per shot.

Simply treat it as an [60 damage]-[long shot] shotgun.
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Please do not treat it like a shotgun! You actually have to aim the carbine, and getting close to your enemy will not increase its damage. Use it like it is: a rifle. Stay back and pick people off from the safety of long range.
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You can have a crazy small crosshair, low fov, and carbine at incredible range. Shotgun just can't handle range like that.
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Now, I didn't read everything word for word. But I formerly skimmed the guide. Now correct me if I'm wrong here but how about the simple task of seeking cover behind boxes and objects. This helps with protecting certain hit box's that are set up.
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(10 Dec 10, 04:16AM)Ghost Wrote: This helps with protecting certain hit box's that are set up.
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I'd just leave it at "it helps cover your anus"
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Thanks this IS helpful
Now i can take you on in combat..
MGS is really different from this......
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Thanks for this guide. I learned a lot form it.

Addition suggestions:

When using SMG or AR and you are facing a shotgun enemy at close range try to go back using Rifle Sprinting while shooting at him.

With the same idea when performing rifle sprinting it is a pretty good idea to aim at the enemies.
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I think its funny that more people want sniper tips because they cant get a head shot to save there life :)
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Assault Rifle Tip:
When up close with the AR, go full-auto, but if you need to kill from a distance, single shot or burst fire. The assault rifle can be a very powerful weapon if you make sure most of the bullets hit, and treating it like a semi-auto can be incredibly effective at range.

Carbine Tip:
In my opinion, one of the best ways to use the carbine is to stand outside of the room the enemy is in, and while your team is fighting them up close, pick people off by standing a short distance away from the door and shooting into the room. The carbine is a great supporting weapon, especially against damaged enemies.

General CQB Tip:
When being chased, run around a wall in such a way that it looks like you have fled out of sight. Most people in that time will think that either you will be camping by the door, or have fled far from the area. In actuality, you will stay near the wall for 1-3 seconds, and sprint back out shooting before they reach the door, catching them off guard.
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About hitboxes.

If you shoot someone at the head with a carbine; do they take more damage than shooting at the torso?

I don't know how it works :/
Also, if you shoot someone with a sniper (not at the head) once; how many pistol shots do you need need to kill the person?
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In 1104, one shot with the sniper needs to be followed by two pistol shots. The carbine does the same damage all over the body.
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if you are playing vs MeLoNe in depot, don't pass through doors cause he will hs you all time.
Good alternative: go tunnel
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(05 Mar 11, 12:00PM)YourSister Wrote: if you are playing vs MeLoNe in depot, don't pass through doors cause he will hs you all time.
Good alternative: go tunnel

lolnice one, will add.
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(05 Mar 11, 12:00PM)YourSister Wrote: if you are playing vs MeLoNe in depot, don't pass through doors cause he will hs you all time.
Good alternative: go tunnel

xDDD hahah nice one : D
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Good guide... good good
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Added a few small updates ("very unique" wtf?? "confortable" wtff? "how quick you can kill" wtf??? grammarfail).
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My tip for the carbine:

It's great when taking cover behind entryways, such as on the RVSF side of the bridge on ac_iceroad. Take cover behind the entryway, and every now and then come out and take quick pot shots before hiding back again - its high damage per shot and high accuracy makes it great for that kind of defense, although it technically qualifies as camping.

And yes, it's a great supporting weapon. On open maps keep your distance and use its range to your advantage - for me it's a sniper rifle with no head shots, a crosshair, and fast time between shots - it works great for close range if needed, but use it as a rifle. 2 shot kill just like a sniper, and it works great at range.
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To clarify my carbine tips, from my limited experience.

The carbine is a medium/long range weapon that works okay for close range, with its main advantage being high damage per shot (60 damage), short time between shots compared to the other two high damage guns (720ms, vs. 1000ms on the shotgun and 1500ms on sniper), and large clip (10 rounds, which is large for something with that kind of damage and larger than the other two). The field of fire is extremely narrow, so you need to nail the accuracy. If you're a long range AR user (i.e. you're the kind that goes for accuracy and shoots short 1 or 2 round bursts), preferably with some sniper rifle experience,the carbine is right for you.

1. When defending, take cover behind an entryway or doorway in front of a long hallway or bridge. If enemies show up on the other side, jump out and take quick potshots before taking cover again, reload, and repeat. You can dodge sniper fire and most AR/SMG fire this way, and you only need to land 2 shots to kill an enemy. This works really well on the bridge in ac_iceroad, especially on the RVSF side.

2. Same on offense. Carbine does poorly close up, so let your buddies charge for you and use your carbine for supporting fire, preferably behind an entryway (e.g. RVSF on ac_power, take cover behind the doorways that lead into the CLA side) . However, it's super easy to TK with a carbine in a support role, especially in tight spaces, so be careful.

3. Move! The carbine's main advantages are the high damage per shot and high and large clip. It's a two shot KO and you can kill up to 5 people with a magazine. You can compensate for the slow minimum time to kill against an SMG or AR guy by dodging at least some of his shots and landing two shots on him. Ditto for sniper.

4. Always take potshots. Combine this with strategy #3. The carbine's range and high damage per round makes this worthwhile.
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The carbine is also great for survival. Will add all these tips in later.
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yep, carbine is by far the best weapon for defending a position, especially if you have a good LOS or a long hallway.
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Sniper: If you once mastered the pistol/combo, try to keep the barrel at a heigh of five cubes. This'll make aiming for headshots a lot easier because you'll only have to aim on the x-axis and close range no-scope headshots are no problem at all.

A good training for headshots is to only aim for headshots on multiplayer (bots are to easy ;P). You might want start doing this under alias as it wont get you good stats in the beginning. Its still a great way to train!
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je, what's a "potshot?"
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It's what the iron maidens do with their rocket launchers in Quake 2.
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wikipedia defines it as "a shot fired in the general direction of the intended target", but I like this definition better: "a random or easy shot", as in just shooting at the easiest/most vulnerable target. This is the best strategy with the carbine IMO because it inflicts the maximum amount of damage.
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Thanks Lantry!
Yeah, I can see carbine doing well using the "easiest target" technique.
SMG would do better than carbine using either of those strategies though. ;-P
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