speed hack, ip request from TyD hazelwood server
around a hour and half ago, a player called Cla.De.Gay.uRs. was using speedhack at ds3, he got kicked and i forgot to take his ip (also he rejoined next map which was depot and got banned)

Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/?dlubc5b6y8a19ql
he joins at 3:45 rm

edit: corrected time
p.s: sry for not getting the ip, i was still sleeping :z
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Hi visit this forum:)

Here ----->
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i can't, or else i wud asked for ip there :D
and since u posted that, seems the problem from me not website
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The website appears to be down for me, displaying only "IT-Avdelingen på nett".
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Website is back online. Please post your request there.
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Medusa got his ip and reported him alrdy :)
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