[Request] Headshot Sound

I tried to replace that sound with the low voiced "Headshot.." default sound but the problem was that the volume of my sound was always too low no matter how much I raised it on Audacity (I'm an Audacity noob). It would be greatly appreciated if someone with these skills could convert that audio to an ogg or wav for me and so that it also sounds good in-game.

Thank you all :)
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I'm not familiar with Audacity, but something came to mind instantly.

Most such tools will normalize the soundfile while saving/exporting. This means the volume will be set to 0db. Usually there is some check box setting whether the file should or should not be normalized. You'll have to disable this option in order to have a louder sound.
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Thank for the tip Floppy. I found an Effect called Normalize so I unchecked the box though, still it doesn't seem to work :/ I hope someone here can help doing it.
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There is a volume level to the left when you have open a file.
You can raise that one before you export it to .ogg
Also the file might need to be mono sound but not sure about voicesounds.
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Make sure you are using a mono sound. You can export from audacity in ogg or mp3 (if you have the lame.dll installed).
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Got it working :) Just had to raise the dB a bit more. Thanks guys :D
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you know you can download that sound from a package on Pure Pwnage's (the show that's from) website and I think it comes as a .wav file which is usable
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Oh if that's possible then could you please give me a link? I just googled for a while and also checked their website but can't find that file :/
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There you have 3 versions of the boom headshot file from Pure pwnage. (its the ringsignal package i guess)
I made 1 standard long and 1 short and one in between,all converted to .ogg also.

I get +5 in kindness for that ? I will spend those on RAGE +5
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you get 50+ mate, thanks for all the help :D
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Uhm. also if you look into config/sounds.cfg you will see:
registersound "misc/headshot" 10        // 46 - S_HEADSHOT
Just change (or even delete) the "10" - you can pick 0-255 - 255 is MAX volume.
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omggg it's even better :D me loves you flowtron <3 no homo
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