"Use More Solid Walls"
Everytime I make a map I tremble at the sight of the "Use More Solid Walls" error. So I always end up making walls that mess up my map :(
My question is, does it calculate the solid walls based on the size of the map or does it require only a certain amount of open space within "x" amount of squares.
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There's a limit to how big open areas can be, which IIRC was a little larger than the open areas in douze.
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maybe...right, use more real walls. just a thought.
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Remember, a solid wall is different from a non-solid cube raised high enough to look like a wall.
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I know a solid wall is different from a highly raised wall....Thanks tho :)
I am just trying to figure out how to fix my map.
I kind of wanted a semi (but not too) big area in the middle but I guess ill have to work around that
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