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Mael Wrote:Option to auto-download and store up to n demos in a separate folder("tmp demos"?).
Perhaps it's time to generically publish my "automatic" script...

Mael Wrote:Perhaps display time remaining in a more precise manner. For instance, while the console may only update you on the time remaining each minute, the scoreboard could display an updated measurement every 15-30 seconds.
I made a sort of primitive script for that!
A lot of the requests in here can be accomplished in the current version with some simple CubeScript.
Someone requested a primary weapon randomizer?
alias randweap [nextprimary (+ (rnd 3) 2)]
You can
bind "MOUSE1" [attack; if (! alive) [randweap]]
and it'll re-roll the next primary every time you click to re-spawn.
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You forgot [attack; randweap]
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Fixed. Thanks for telling me my noob was showing.

Also here's a link to my V-Time script, it tells you the system time and how long you've been playing (could be adapted to forcefully instruct you to go to bed):
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Insta CTF!
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Jeeze, I've probably scored a handful of flags, ever, without taking any hits at all. That'd be a difficult mode indeed.
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We need the ability to knife from above.
[Image: Knife_above_BR.gif]
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I agree with Gibstick, you should be able to do this at least while crouching.
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Round based scores for survivor (team and ffa). After all, there is a reason it is called SURVIVOR.
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(01 Jul 10, 09:42AM)U|Zarj Wrote: Round based scores for survivor (team and ffa). After all, there is a reason it is called SURVIVOR.
I suggested this quite a while ago, but main critisism was that it would encourage camping.

I didn't quite understand this reasoning, though, it's not like different method of scoring would suddenly make everyone's camping skills better or camping any more valid strategy.
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Clan locating tool ingame
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(02 Jul 10, 07:16AM)Lightning Wrote: Clan locating tool ingame

EDIT: nvm......
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Oh and IDK if this has been done already, but an option to enable occlusion culling while in game. It annoys me when I go straight from editing a map to playing in the pubs and I start lagging like hell because I forgot to turn it on...
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Yeah a clock would be great
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Just thought of a nice request:
I'd like to be able to give the "writecfg" command arguments, to write .cfg files other than saved.cfg!
That way scripts can produce their own cfg files, allowing for faster custom settings. It'd be a sort of complement for the "exec" command.
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Fix English pl0x. 'Suicided' is incorrect. 'Committed suicide' or 'Self-gibbed' is correct.
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(08 Jul 10, 05:56PM)Lightning Wrote: ...English pl0x...
* jamz looks up gibbed
"Fastened with a gib (a wedge-shaped piece of metal holding another in place)"
You can't pick and choose which illegitimate words can be used. If 'gibbed', 'headshotted' and 'naded' are acceptable, 'Suicided' has to be a perfectly good word, within the context of AC.
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All three of those are incorrect. I was being stupid. 'Committed suicide' or 'blew yourself up'.

V-MAN: Your link only has reference to 'suicide', because suicided is not a word.
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You missed the part where it conjugated to past-tense:

I just realized... I can't see the post you were initially referring to. Is it in this thread?? XD
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Post 79.
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As in, your post, #78. What is THAT one referring to??
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Dude. Suicided is incorrect. End of story.
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Who gives a shit?

Allow negative values for mapmodel elevation.
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I don't know if this is possible, so please don't flame me :]

Last night, I thought to myself what if the forum blacklist, would be connected to the game/masterserver, and when a blacklisted person, enters a server it sends a message to the owner warning them that person got in to remind them to blacklist them.
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I'm just trying to figure out what brought out your rant about that, it just seems irrelevant on this thread.


A lot of entries on the blacklist thread are controversial, so server owners should check the thread themselves (and of course make an educated decision as to whether a person should be blacklisted from their server). Further, it's a good idea to try to lower the amount of traffic going through the Master Server. Bunging it up with notifications and downloads will make things miserable for the devs.

One request I've been thinking about lately is: I'd like to have some sort of CubeScript-compatible variable that monitors the text console output... For example, when the term "you killed teammate ..." comes up, you can write a script
if (strcmp (textout) "you killed teammate ")
which evaluates to 1.
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Speaking of killing teamates, if mirrored damage is implemented in 1.1 I'd like to know the ratio of damage inflicted to damage received. I doubt mirroring half the damage won't stop the most persistent tkers. Using the sniper, shooting a teamate once brings both players' health to 60. If the tker grabs health, they're able to kill their target or consistently fire on teamates by grabbing the health and armor. Mirroring a large portion of the damage to the source and directing the remaining damage to their target might be better; something like 60:20 for sniper. Much more difficult to tk intentionally.
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I've bin playing Combat arms for a while and i like some of the setting
i would like it if they made settings like ... No shot guns, No nades , no sniper, ect...
and shot guns only, smg,s only, ect...
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If you want to play COMBAT ARMS.
Don't play ASSAULT CUBE.
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