For CSL users
Since the old masterserver is down, you need to add a new one to get the 1.1 serverlist.

Right click on "AssaultCube" in the game list and click "Add a new master ..." then fill as bellow :
type : other
address : *
port : 28760
Click "add", right-click on the new MS in the game list and click "update from master".

This is a temporary solution untill the next Cube Server Lister release.
Thanks to wahnfred :)

* : If you still don't get any masterserver showing, use this adress instead :

(download link for CSL :
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Thank you François, thank you wahnfred!
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mabey a german instruction ? my english is not really good. where do i klick right with the mouse ?
an which game list ?

i hate my bad school english ^^

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