Quick Nade Throw (Gone?)
Hi, i have been messing around with my scripts and everything (Got everything working smoothly) except for one thing. I somehow lost the Quick Nade throw... Is there anyway i can get it back (When i try to do it it says "unknown command quicknadethrow"

Thanks For any help

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Have you tried looking around the forum? Cause you would've found this:
//Gibstick's script
bind KEY [ if $editing [solid 1] [quicknadethrow]]
Change KEY to any key you want.
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Be careful Wolf, that also binds "make solid" in editing mode. Rather, it sounds like he lost the quicknadethrow alias. It should be in scripts.cfg, but put this in your autoexec anyways.
alias quicknadethrow [
    if (> (magcontent 6) 0) [
        if (!= (curweapon) 6) [grenades]
    onrelease [ sleep 1 [ if (= (curweapon) 6) [weapon (prevweapon)] ] ]
Then to bind to the right mouse button
bind MOUSE2 [ if $editing [ showmenu editing ] [ altaction ] ]
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Thanks Gibstick! LOTS! :D
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