"Andrew Feng"
This blacklist has been disabled on |NZ| servers.

This is a 'last chance'. If he re-offends, please post this below.

If the IP address matches - (Vodafone NZ), it is probably him. He also uses a Telecom NZ IP address from time to time.
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Kiwi's archnemesis hath returned! Hopefully he's straightened his shimmy up, but I'll keep an eye out for ya shimmy.
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You should probably add that he goes by .cO'|Black or DecK now.
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imo he has improved but not a great deal as witnessed in the last month. He has recently been discreet which is a blessing.
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You sure about that Panda?
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Panda is correct
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Andrew doesnt use .cO'BlacK or DecK anymore, he now uses .cO'|BuzzyBee
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Saw DecK on hi skill the other day.
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I saw BuzzyBee on my server today.
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(10 Oct 10, 08:35AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: I saw BuzzyBee on my server today.
Should we be concerned? xD

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No, just realizing who it was.
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What did he do again? All I know is he curses alot ingame.
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(10 Oct 10, 10:34AM)Lightning Wrote: What did he do again? All I know is he curses alot ingame.

When i arrived to the comunity (aka SK forum) he was already hated.
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He impersonated 100+ people, as well as making himself a all around nuisance
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Did he use any cheats?
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no it was impersonating and offending behavior that got him blacklisted again and again ;) but I think its right to give him that chance as he is doing all right atm!
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No, its not right to give him 'that chance' because, just one month ago, he was impersonating people _AGAIN_
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(11 Oct 10, 09:41AM)Shorty Wrote: No, its not right to give him 'that chance' because, just one month ago, he was impersonating people _AGAIN_

also ban evasion to the maxXxxXX
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Shorty, explain pls ... you just throw something into a discussion and expect everyone to know it, that sucks!
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Even, if you're not ok with me getting unblacklisted, thats not the right way to handle it. You're doing admin abuse. I'm obviously not blacklisted on Drakas servers so you dont have a right to ban me for NO reason.

I was playing on the server "HI-SKILL" playing happily, doing nothing and not irritating anyone. This w00p member person comes in the server and bans me.


I got unbanned less than 10 minutes. Went back to the same server. I play for about 10 sec (approximately) and he just bans me for no reason again.


/kick 5 byemrfeng.
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i believe that comrade shorty handled the situation perfectly. do not question the authority or face prama ban.
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Andrew, i can ban who i want and seeing as your known as a public pest i will be happy to ban you each and every time i see you in any server.
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Thats the past, mate.

I did nothing wrong. You banned for no reason, that simply means you are "admin abuse."

You dont have the right to do that.
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Its not admin abuse, because it isn't 'the past' its the present, the moment we live in and every single second you waste trying to tell me its admin abuse. When its not, because you ARE ANDREWFENG THE MASTER OF IMPERSONATION.
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As i said, thats the past, i didnt impersonate 100+, stop exaggerating.

Also, i didnt impersonate last month, i was on holiday in America, so dont liar.

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Thats funny, because your IP impersonated several w00p's in that time.
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Thats funny, because w00p only has around 10-20 members, that doesnt make 100 players...
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Buzz, you're going to have to accept, that although you are un-blacklisted, you have a history, and admins may permit or deny who they wish on their servers.

Just don't do anything silly because of the actions of others based on your history.
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Are you stupid? Thats just some of who you've impersonated.. I'm bored of talking to a 12 year old that is thick as bricks.
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Okay RK :P

Okay Shorty, im not a brick
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