List of Free Agents
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If you are intested by joining a clan, but don't know which clan to choose...
Are looking for a nice group of AC Players, or trying to participate in AC's Competitive clanwar scene...

So, post your information using our template provided!

<<Clans that are looking to add more depth, skill, or livelihood to their ranks will often check this thread and may contact you with an offer of application.>>MerCyKiL

A note to recruiters and scouts: All players informations is available though this thread. Their names are hyperlinked in this post for convenience;

Players, please use this template below:

- Nickname:
- Age:
- Contact (PM here / email / IRC):
- Teamspeak (Optional):
- Type of clan wanted (i.e. Mapping, Modding, Social, Friendly, Competitive):

~ Some available IRC sites for clans to reach you at:
- QuakeNet:
- GameSurge:

FAs/Players available:

NicknameType(s) of clan wantedPlayer(s) statut
StraxCompetitive/Friendly/Mapping and ModdingActive
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