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Put me as Editor.
I'll make things happen there and bring in new players.
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(28 Apr 14, 08:09PM)1Cap Wrote: Put me as Editor.
...bring in new players.

Not the good ones.
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could you elaborate more?
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Even if you bring more players, do you think that masterserver could stand it?
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(28 Apr 14, 08:09PM)1Cap Wrote: and bring in new players.

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AssaultCube is obviously not made for people who come from FaceBook, it's golden age was when old computer could handle only AC and a few more games, same thing for Linux etc... I doubt players who are coming from Facebook will enjoy it as it is supposed to.
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Against facts there are no arguments:

> We need to increase the number of players. We need new generations of players. New clans. New Blood! :)

> There are many people who play older games. There are people who play Atari! Its not about computer config, its about if you like classic and older games. A lot of people like this.

> AC has a number of unique features. This is an attractive one.

> AC has a story, this is very cool and attracts new players.

> AC can be played offline and It is not so difficult to create new maps.

> For other palyers appear, they need to know that the game exists.

> There is not another more efficient way to promote the game! Facebook is a great advertising channel (im not sure if you all know clearly about it). We have no money to advertise on TV :)

> The atmosphere of the game should be changed to something positive and fun.

> We do not need new servers or game modes atm. We need more players. Urgent!

I can help. Im the right guy. Test me.
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(29 Apr 14, 04:27PM)ExodusS Wrote: it's golden age was when old computer could handle only AC and a few more games, same thing for Linux etc...

You are right, no argument at all, In fact, the whole post was an argument...
Who the hell do you think you are? A sort of great dictator?
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|||||ExodusS Wrote:
it's golden age was when old computer could handle only AC and a few more games, same thing for Linux etc...|||||

I think the golden age of this game is now!
This is where we disagree. And I'm emphatic about it. Do not like to admit that the game is less popular for this reason. Understand?

Bring something to add to this idea. Please add something in the trhead directions.

And, I'm not saying anything just for you. It is not personal. We are discussing ideas.
I actually appreciate your participation and your time in this post.
Read the previous posts and meet other members of this forum. See? Certainly your post is helping. Thank you.

I really believe the facts I quoted. Disagree to some point?
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Always trying to get down people who just want to help...this is why we are in our darkest hour. Possitive feedback please! Let's work on the idea. We have a lot of the other shit.

Cappy for facebook admin, let's give him a chance.
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(29 Apr 14, 10:11PM)EndGame Wrote: let's give him a chance.
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One guy brings a positive(?) idea, and another guy throws shit at his face... This is so AC, I love it ;=)
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Sounds like a good idea for me...
Heil 1Cap!

(30 Apr 14, 12:50AM)hgf-arg Wrote: One guy brings a positive(?) idea, and another guy throws shit at his face... This is so AC, I love it ;=)
Hah... That happened to me before... but that was for other situations... meep... huehuehue
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Thanks for the support. \0
More players mean more chance of fun.
Facebook can attract new looks from players around the world!.
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Maybe ask in private 1Cap. This would have been better as a PM, instead of a thread.
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(30 Apr 14, 02:28AM)DrauL Wrote: Maybe ask in private 1Cap. This would have been better as a PM, instead of a thread.
Hey DrauL - Ty for join.
Admins and moderators know me well in some aspects.
Now I need to know the opinion of the players participating in this forum.
Facebook is a public and social network. The public (opened) interactions are important in this case.
I need to show I can do that. This thread and you guys can help
to show if my idea is good for the game or not.
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(29 Apr 14, 10:26PM)MotoShadow Wrote:
(29 Apr 14, 10:11PM)EndGame Wrote: let's give him a chance.
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I'm quite curious how you're intending to promote something on Facebook without actually paying for advertisement? Can you possibly elaborate what you would be doing concretely?
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If you get admin there can you ban lexus then? qq
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Quote:..We have no money to advertise on TV..

I think the best bet would be to advertise in a gaming magazine.
Or even AssaultCube youtube advertisements.. lord knows how many gamers watch youtube videos.


clicktobegin.net Wrote:7. Purchase online advertising

Paying for the right online advertising can be very effective. Consider services like Google AdWords, Facebook advertising – which are good because they allow you to be very specific about your target demographics – direct advertising deals with relevant websites — which are good because they are often a little cheaper and allow you to target a specific online community — or in-game advertising through networks such as MochiMedia or AdMob – which are good because they allow you to target people who are already playing games and are therefore obviously interested.

8. Purchase offline advertising

Offline advertising is something that has traditionally been reserved for AAA games with massive advertising budgets but there’s no reason you can’t do the same thing, albeit most likely on a smaller scale. The obvious ones include television or radio advertising, but you could also consider other offline advertising options such as cinema pre-show advertising, newspapers and magazines, billboards, bus-stop advertising and more.

Any large-scale advertising campaign will be very expensive, but more local options can sometimes be surprisingly affordable whilst still allowing you to reach a huge audience.

Also.. lol?
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(29 Apr 14, 09:15AM)ExodusS Wrote:
(28 Apr 14, 08:09PM)1Cap Wrote: Put me as Editor.
...bring in new players.

Not the good ones.

get them from YouPorn
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Redbull Thanks by support. \o
Mr.Floppy - Managing a fanpage on facebook requires a rather technical knowledge . It is true that the best would be paying ads ( Facebook AD ) for, but this is not 100 % necessary.
In Brazil I currently manage 8 Fanpages . 2 of these pages I have not paid for advertising and the result is very satisfactory .
I am aware that the spread of posts occurs differently from what happens in a common forum .
There are techniques that help increase on the popularity of the fanpage and increase interaction with followers .
The main tool is to know the " target audience " . And this audience I know well.
Also is need to like what you 're doing . And for me it is very important to collaborate with the continuity and growth of the game.
-(AC feelings)-

Well, it's a lot something to write , but not to let the post so big I will talk about one or two more things :
There are 2 large communities on Facebook talking about the game . Participants of this community will help the Fanpage , I'm sure .
Another thing , you can show exclusive content for those who like the page. If you do not like will not see... This is another trick...
Yes , Facebook can continue being an advertising channel between the game creators and players .And it can also be a way to attract new players and people who will collaborate on the project.. All this for free.

*yes, it is possible to block .LeXus"
*DeathCrew77 - What do you think about it?
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Usually an entity advertises a 'product' when it has been finished and polished so it has something to offer that other 'product' of an entity don't have. To start with.

How is AC being advertised nowadays?
Which unique AC features (as you put it) do you plan to 'advertise' and how?
Which fanpages you say you are managing? Links?
Fom those page you claim to be managing, how can you prove that a certain and measurable level of success was achieved in such pages by you?

I personally, wouln't give you any sort of moderation ever. But I applaud your good will in trying to be useful. Whitout any proof that backs up your claimed experience I highly doubt some dev would confer moderation powers in facebook to promote an advertisement campaing in favor of AC.
It can be a double edged sword, it can be for good or it can be for worse, this believe/uncertainty is increased by the fact that no one knows if what you are saying about your exprience in facebook is true or are just made up stories lacking of fundament.

Why don't you create a separate ac fanpage and try to implement all of your claimed experience in facebook managing/advertisement there so you can prove that you are up to the task?
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I'd like to add that you need to examine why people enjoy playing the game.

For some its competition. For some it's friends. For some its a simple and light. What actually creates retention in the community is many different things.

Even if you start with a great product, if there is no retention it's relatively futile.

There have been threads before talking about the retention of players in the game. If you follow the downloads there was a time when there were many unique downloads (and still are as far as I can tell). Im not convinced advertising is the problem.

Anything can help however, even one player exploring the game is a good thing so I think skepticism is not the right way to approach 1cap's proposal. I agree with Senor.Floppy that a more specific outline would help gain support for 1cap. However, if there's a player who wants to take initiative we should encourage and help, not lambaste.
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MykeGregory - The idea is not to use the money for advertising. The idea about using Youtube is great. Currently a search on Youtube about AssaultCube shows over 50,000 results! :)
TheNihilanth - AC is currently being advertised on YouTube, in the search engines and some gaming sites around the world.
I can not determine how advertising is "word-of-mouth." Players bringing other players into the game. But this is a very effective way of growing audience for the game. Encourage each player to bring another or others to play. In Brazil the main site to download AC is:
||Link Assaultcube download || A lot of 5 stars comments and 2.811.971 downloads at now!!!
FeAtUrEs - You can create fun and playable maps. Regular and interesting learning curve. Maps with various levels of complexity. Change of game modes. Ability to play offline. Does not require a very powerful hardware. It can be played with low-speed internet. and more ...
I can not guarantee the success of the fanpage.
I can guarantee that I can do what is necessary for Fanpage succeed. This implies a very positive outlook on the functioning of this task.
Furthermore the role of "editor" does not put me as the owner of Fanpage. This is safe.
I can prove that I already realize this task. (Fanpage admin) You can give me a date and a time and I make a post in one of the Fanpages that I manage. It is easy to prove.
You can measure the success of Fanpage through reports that Facebook produces. You can connect this information with the access to the game's official website. You can identify the "Likers" the Fanpage who are sticking to the game. All of this is measurable.
For various technical issues, not work to create an unofficial fanpage. Merge pages later is also risky. It would not be worth the effort neither the risk.
Waffles - I agree with your way of seeing it. I really'll need to analyze a lot of data. I hope to have the support of everyone, especially the older and experienced players like you.
I am aware of the limitations imposed by Facebook for those who do not pay for advertising. But I know techniques that can change the scenario and act in favorable way by our aim.
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I thought you were only supposed to get the official client from sourceforge? Silly me haha
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(02 May 14, 02:17PM)DrauL Wrote: I thought you were only supposed to get the official client from sourceforge? Silly me haha
This site I mentioned before is not official. It installs several spyware along with the game.
The correct location is: (?)
This also needs to be publicized.
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Its basic. DONT do this!
Everyone knows that this should not be placed.
The [email protected] also know! (Hello friend!!)
This is not a page of CUBE, is a page of the game AssaultCube! You gave up on it?
I ask because I have not given up!
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Spread love for AssaultCube!
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It's a conspiracy.
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