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B} Leagues: Sign-Up
[Image: pVPguoA.png]

Sign-up your Clan/mixed team below with a list of players & clan/team tag, and vote on banning certain maps from the event in the above poll. Also post which League you want to enter in.
  • Two Separate Leagues, Gold League for the highly competitive clans in the game. Silver League for the noob clans, casual clans, and the rest.
  • Technically Round-Robin format. You play one match against every team in your League.
  • The Top 2 teams(going by their W-L-T record) in Gold at the end will play in a Championship Finals match. Same for Silver. To determine the best of the best, and the best of the rest.
  • Each Clan or Mixed team needs a minimum 3 players, no max.
  • 3v3 CTF
  • Can use default client, acwc client, etc. Just no cheating obviously.
  • No players currently blacklisted.
  • Starts October 7th, with every match open to be played straight from the start.(You can play against 2+ teams a day if it works better for you. No restrictions of 1 match per week.)
  • Each match will be assigned a random map from the map pool. The teams play 2 games, with switched sides. Flags combined from both games determine the match winner. No tiebreakers, it'll simply be a tie. Until the championship match.
  • Clans can sign up pro players for gold and their noob players for silver. If the silver team is deemed unbalanced, they'll be merged with their gold clan team. In general, any teams too good for Silver league can be voted into Gold, or moved by our own will. If your team was Top 8 in Summer Cup, highly consider signing up for Gold League or risk being pushed there anyways.
  • Teams have two months to finish all of the matches. Matches not completed in the two month timeframe will be rewarded to the team who was trying to get the match played. If that is not clear, it'll be a tie.
  • The map pool is any official map with flags, unless voted out of the pool above.
  • Sign-Ups end at the end of September.
  • If there is a tie at the end. Let's say 2nd & 3rd place are both 6-2-0. They played each other already, so whoever won that match is awarded with the tiebreaker and advances to the championship match.
  • On the off chance a new version is released, every team must use the new version immediately, despite potential metagame changing weapon balance.
  • Post concerns about a team in Silver that may not belong there, and we can get a community vote on it. I'll move obvious ones there myself.

Gold League Sign-Ups


Silver League Sign-Ups


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This looks hella sexy, I'll try and get a team gathered up :)
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(16 Sep 13, 09:17PM)Nightmare Wrote: If your team was Top 8 in Summer Cup, highly consider signing up for Gold League

rC for silver league! :p :(

gj i think we can get a team sorted! :D
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Looks awesomez, nice work!:D
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Looks sweet, gj Nightmare!
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Can clan applicants play? If not, can trial members?
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Trial members can. Applicants are kind of iffy. They aren't really in the clan yet. But with the mixed team rule, it's basically anything goes.
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Great job, BoB is preparing teams for both gold and silver cups. :)
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me waffles undead for silver
glhf trash
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we're fucked.
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(17 Sep 13, 01:06AM)Xenon Wrote: me waffles undead for silver
glhf trash
And all the silver teams start signing up for gold.
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Undead, you forgot to vote for desert3
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(16 Sep 13, 09:17PM)Nightmare Wrote: Sign-up your Clan/mixed team below with a list of players & clan/team tag

Sooo... I can sign up the entire MyS squad (including trial members)?
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B} signs up for Silver League.

|oNe| are you participating? Obviously auto-gold. :p
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yeah sign us up
i assume we'll be able to get 3 out every week lol
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Yeahh !
Nice work B} :-)
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(17 Sep 13, 08:59AM)Marti Wrote: Undead, you forgot to vote for desert3
You mean Exodust... kkk!
Anyway, good luck to everybody for this league.
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Hey, great job!
We'll be signing up two teams as gRamps said above, we will use some applicants for the silver league, if that's not ok please let me know and we'll rethink the teams, although it should be fine since its basically a "mixed team" as you stated in the first post :-)

The Billy{BoB}ers (Applying for Gold):

The Billy{BoB}ers Junior (Applying for Silver):

You can contact both squadrons via our Teamspeak3 (bob-ac.net), our IRC (bob-clan-ac on irc.gamesurge.net) or our forums (http://thebillybobers.net). Also please direct any match dates and times through {BoB}Enam for the Gold League and {BoB}Moto for the Silver League.
Thanks, good luck to all teams:D

Edit Update: We updated our teams: {BoB}ZetsuU moved to the Silver League and K-Dot and Friteq also joined the ranks of the Junior squad. We confirmed this change was ok with Nightmare :-).
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Maybe even a Bronze League?

For new players and new/developing clans.

I think just two leagues limit the skill range, due to the vast skill difference between some players.
It's just a suggestion and you might find more clans applying if they thought they had a chance to play against clans that are at the same level that they are. Might also provide some more diverse gameplay!

Anywayz, gl to all clans! :D
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(17 Sep 13, 05:50PM)Rainbow Wrote: Maybe even a Bronze League?
Are there even enough clans for that? Like, I'm sure there are plenty of clans out there, but not all of them will be active enough to actually play a league
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I can think of around +/- 5 clans that would fit into the 'Bronze Category' - namely {UoC}, ~>GsC<~, >GDT<, =GOE=, >PRO<, [HTN] and possibly my own clan |Ax|

However there are a few more, these^ are just off the top of my head.
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I highly doubt any of the clans you listed would participate in a tournament.
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Give Silver a try. :D
It's mostly going to be full of players who just like to pub, or want to play competitively on a less-scary level.
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.45| for silver league.
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B} gearing up for Silver.
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(17 Sep 13, 08:12PM)Nightmare Wrote: B} gearing up for Silver.

Aww you didn't show the backside... I worked hard on that... :)
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|AX| should be able to participate in silver. I think the team rank selection is mildly arbitrary when it comes to Mid-skill, but every team should be able to get at least 1 win in their respective class. If this would be an ongoing league, it might be better to use past results to deem rankings. Even having the "top" clans for each rank playing skirmishes against ranks of higher level for a chance to earn bonus points for some reason. I don't know, think ELO rankings. If you want to keep it simple, it works well, but I'm thinking more of longevity.
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Let me say that first this sounds awesome, but the whole maps idea is kinda stupid. Some of these maps are very even that are getting vetoed. It should only be maps with a significant advantage. Arid and Aqueous are prime examples. Maps like outpost, Arabian, Keller, iceroad do not show much advantage. A map like gothic has a huge advantage towards RVSF and has more advantages than any of the maps listed above.
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I think most people like gothic even though it is very advantageous, just due to the layout and the fast pace of it. I have also seen many wins on cla as of lately. Keller is very bias, I am kinda shocked that you say different.
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I don't think a map's lack of popularity should ban it. It should be judged on suitability for competitive play.

You allow mixed teams, but seem to suggest applicants playing for clans is "iffy". This seems a discrepancy.

What about fixed servers? Pings?
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